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  1. plaaya69

    MK3 7MGE OEM workshop guide

    Nice source for other Toyota vehicles and makes as well. Thanks for the share.
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    Hi all. New here but regular at

    Welcome to SM.
  3. plaaya69

    The Kamikaizen Great Unpoochening

    Nice progress. Those euro turn signals took great.
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    I miss everyone.

    This person bought Duane's Supra. I follow his videos on YT and you should check him out:
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    I miss everyone.

    Hey there.
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    Machine shop quote, could i get a second opinion

    I would definitely get a few quotes. When I rebuilt my 7m in 2017 it cost $420 with tax in the states out the door but I dissembled and reassembled everything. Who ever you decide to go with make sure you have them: - Clean all the oil passages on the block and crankshaft. - Machine the block...
  7. plaaya69

    Mo Boost, Mo Power, Mo 7m : 87 Turbo Supra 7mGTE Full Rebuild + Manual Conver + More

    I think I know what I am getting later this year :)
  8. plaaya69

    Swapping oem radio for another oem...what are the possibilities?

    Definitely go with the 86280-35080 part number. The 2 factory radio plugs will plug right into this amp but just make sure the radio you buy has the proper single connector coming off of the amp. This looks like the one I have and I just had to remove the two end metal brackets on the amp...
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    Mo Boost, Mo Power, Mo 7m : 87 Turbo Supra 7mGTE Full Rebuild + Manual Conver + More

    Well its halfway through 2020 and not too much has been going on with the Supra other than driving it on the nice days. I did have a local friend who works at a body shop to paint my old spoiler, a headlight cover and 4 exterior mirror housings (2 spares put away) so it looks much better now. I...
  10. plaaya69

    Indiana Supra Club 2020 Annual meet!

    Just wanted to say awesome Supra meet guys. It was nice seeing some of the older members from the meets back in 2007 and 2008 again along with new faces and the newer models. I hope to see you guys again at your next meet:
  11. plaaya69

    Car starts but dies immediately

    Are all your grounds coming from the engine wiring harness connected on the lower intake manifold (near the 5th cylinder intake runner)? If you plan on running 550cc injectors then you should get the AFM housing found in certain Lexus models with the v8. This AFM housing is a plug in play and...
  12. plaaya69

    Another 7M ground up build

    I would test the fuel pump connector at the hatch to make sure the fuel pump is turning on by applying direct 12v power to it using a fused jumper wire and a ground wire. If the fuel pump turns on I would go backwards from there and if it does not then a connection in the tank is bad. On my 24...
  13. plaaya69

    WTH: Plastic rear end link??

    The 89+ changed to plastic sway bar end links. The older mk3 Supra's were metal links which I heard had problems with bending but I don't hear much about that. They also make upgraded links that are adjustable if you are looking around for different options and these are the ones I run...
  14. plaaya69

    Indiana Supra Club 2020 Annual meet!

    This will be awesome. Almost all my local car meets and shows are mostly canceled this year so I definitely need to make a trip up there for this one.
  15. plaaya69

    Another 7M ground up build

    I just sent you a text with my bosch knock sensor parameters. Also I did not use the headlight relay wire on the body harness with the ECU Masters standalone.
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    CT26 without coolant lines

    I would tear the turbo completely down so you can take some measurements of the shaft, bearings and housing. Turbo Lab of America can help you find the right rebuild kit you need with your measurements or they can rebuild it for you as well but that's no fun ;)
  17. plaaya69

    CT26 without coolant lines

    The one you have pictured looks like it has a aftermarket T3 turbo cartridge and intake compressor wheel. The intake compressor housing looks factory but modified to fit that larger intake compressor wheel. The CT26 turbo was also found on certain Celica and MR2 models so aftermarket upgrades...
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    G'day from Australia

    Welcome Manny, nice find.
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    Abe's first ma70 1jzgte swap

    Looking good. Those poly rack bushings will make a difference.
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    TobyCat's winter buildup

    Looking good and nice pic at the Toyota dealer:cool:. Looks like that old 7m block had a block heater in one of the freeze plugs, I don't really hear of many 7m's with a block heater.