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    Import Alliance

    Well I was @ IA this past weekend and saw a couple of supras. Few NA mkivs and stock lookin TT's. Anyway this white mkiii and mkii supra caught my eye out of all of them. Anyone know if they are members on here?
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    SPEC twin disk for 1jz

    I was wondering if anyone has tested this clutch on a 1jz yet? It looks really tempting but I have only seen people get them for the 7mgte motors so far. I just want a review before dropping close to 2g on a twin disk clutch. If you have any reviews and such it would be greatly appreciated...
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    The turtle

    Well I thought I would introduce the car I drive from Dallas to IL for school. This is my DD and my only vehicle for now. My MKIII is sittin at home and I will get pics of it whenever I get back in town (Its gonna be torn down). But here is my 92 Honda accord powered by an h22a. Not the...
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    Whats up people? I am a new member on here and heard about this site mentioned by a bit of people on local forums. I am on supraforums but dont post much there. Well I am kind of new to the world of Toyota's but have some friends helping me out with understanding some things here and there...