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    harness code color NEED HELPP ASAP

    Yes my surpa is gone but what does the color on the harness indicate for 89 i have the yellow is late or early
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    lost cause

    i have been out of the supra game so long i don't even feel like an owner ever since i got me uzz30 (sc400) it seems like i have sold most of the parts for my car or have forgot about them . maybe i am going threw withdraw but i don't know what should i do with this car i have 3 and i would...
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    should i trade it for this

    hello i am a new member to the forum i know nothing bout rx-7 i am a currnt supra owner. i am selling my supra for 3500 when i met a guy with a red gtu's i drove the car it was fast as hell what should i look for if i choose to take the car in a trade his car: only 1,400 GTUs models...
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    thinking of selling my car AGAIN !!!

    I saw a used 95 supra today for sell in the burbs today and i rund the door bell of the owner and we sat and chat for 1hr. and the car is only 9300 is a 93 Red trd Edition (never heard of the Trd Edition new to me) with 103k miles. i wanna sell my supra for 5k even cause i know some ricer kid...