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    1150 Kg Track SUPRA project

    Very cool stuff man.
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    Wow this section is dead. Any other shooters here?

    The side mount is pretty awesome. I run the one from RS regulate. It still holds zero after taking it on and off for the past few years.
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    Wow this section is dead. Any other shooters here?

    As of now I am looking for a sig p227. Here is my current arsenal....Arsenal SAM7r, Benelli Supernova, and my Sig 1911 Tacops Gen 1.
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    91 Supra 1JZ-VVTi swap

    Nice. I have a 1jz vvti motor ust sitting next to the car. Still trying to sort out the electrical wiring part of it. Hopefully I can get it in early next year.
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    Sleeper exhaust 2.5

    Sounds like something isnt running right as someone mentioned.
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    Le Bella

    Car looks awesome man.
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    Supra Mk3 with Quaife gearbox

    Very nice!
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    1jzgte project tigotan-r

    Nice I like the dash setup. Any more info on it?
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    best radiator cap for the Koyo Rad?

    I dont see why not. Better bet is to contact Koyo themselves.
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    Obama Wins Presidency

    He could talk the talk lets see if he can walk the walk. Either way if he screws up people are gonna start blaming the democrats. I just want my right to bear arms still...These gun law issues I have been hearing is worrying. Both weren't my candidates but I prefered Mccain's policies over...
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    Post Your Desktop. (Some possibly NWS)

    Hayden Panetere?? I can never spell her last name.
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    Project Canon is a GO!

    Nice pictures but as mentioned some of the shots look kinda dull, dark, or the sky is blown out. Usually I shoot with a higher f/stop during bright days. I sometimes bump the ISO up in darker areas when I am using my kit lens. But with the 50mm I have now thats not really needed =D. Nice...
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    Faces to Names 2: The Reckoning

    helpin my buddy pull his trans today. Its only a 2jzgte powered lex lol.
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    Radar detector question

    Maybe there is a cost issue? Or that would just make it too easy for the consumer dunno.
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    Faces to Names 2: The Reckoning

    I just saw something on discovery channel or something like that with people in africa doing that with a razor blade to some kids. Damn that was nasty.
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    Radar detector question

    Valentines usually cost around 399 as I recall. Usually those speed deals use a K band. I run an escort 8500 myself but I need to upgrade.
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    what is the best full coilover kit for the mk3?

    The TEMS system itself is actually not a bad system if you read up on it. People just opt for coil overs if they want more adjustability or track abuse.
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    Faces to Names 2: The Reckoning

    No pics in front of the supra but just some from the weekend in TN in my gas saver: That wierd lookin asian dude to the side.
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    ET v MPH help

    How are you launching the car?