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    High quality 160* thermostat?

    Pretty self explanatory, I'd like to try a 160* thermostat in my 7M and I know (as I'm sure has been brought up before) that TRD makes one for JZs but I'm having trouble finding a nice, high quality 7M version. To get these bits out of the way: -The ECU is not an issue -Excess cooling...
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    Copper Spray and OEM Head Gasket

    I know it's been covered before, but I have not seen anyone mention the following so better safe than sorry: Out of the box the OEM gasket seems to have some sort of "grippy" coating already on it, as either part of the manufacturing process or as a sealing agent of some sort. Does anyone...
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    'Little help getting something from over the pond?

    Hey guys, I've been looking for a place to get some Wurth Radiator Seal HP in the states with absolutely no luck. Is there any way one of you over-the-ponders could check out what the availability is (I know it can be bought in the UK) and perhaps allow me to pay to get some sent to me...
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    ARP Undercut vs. Standard studs?

    The little blurb on the ARP catalog page talks about equalizing the stretch/tension on shorter and longer studs. What is the benefit to the 7M where the studs are all the same length, and what do people typically use?
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    Knock threshold voltage?

    Does anyone know with any certainty what the threshold voltage, as described in the attached pages, is for detonation control on the 7M?
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    Cruise Control Doesn't Engage

    Hey everyone, having a bit of an issue with my CC working, and I'm hoping to get it working before I have to drive a ~1200 mile trip next week! :) Problem: Push Cruise Main, and the indicator comes up on the dash like normal, and you can hear the relay activating. However, the set/coast...
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    Fuel Line thread?

    Does anyone know what size/type the female thread is on "23801F" (Bottom right of linked page)? Thanks.
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    Favorite spray paint?

    What type/brand of aerosol paint does everyone recommend for best durability on metal? If at all possible I'd like to not have order the stuff online. Thanks!
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    Oil Leak between timing cover/head patchable?

    Hi everyone, I've had a slowly growing leak that I could never really pinpoint for quite some time now that seemed to come from just above the water pump near the front of the motor. Now that it has become fairly catastrophic (quarter size puddle when parked), it's pretty apparent that it's...
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    Fuel feed line removal at tank?

    I thought I would swap in my new fuel pump this afternoon but I'm held up on one thing: getting the fuel feed line off the tank. I have put as much force as I can with average length wrenches and I have not even gotten it to budge the slightest little bit. I feel like I'm about to round off...
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    SBC-ID III owners

    Does anyone know what the OD (or could measure the OD) of the "Teflon hose" is? I believe it is what runs to the controller box and is used for boost reference.
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    Just in case someone hasn't seen it:
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    Anyone going to the USGP?

    Just wondering...
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    Front end noise when turning.

    So: New wheels/tires went on the car a couple months ago, 225/45/17 on it at the moment. I noticed immediately after I put them on, a low speed (parking lot) groan from the steering when turning ANY angle but dead straight; which indicates nothing is rubbing since once it starts it remains...
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    Thoughts on sealing no.3 engine cover?

    Well, the title says it all. Mine is a little on the messed up side and the plastic (was it rubber at some time?) has cracked off nearly all of it except for around 3/4 mounting holes. They were not leaking before and 3/4 of them were very loose when I went to take them out. I was thinking...
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    EPC abbreviations

    Well, I came across one I didn't know; found this and figured I would share. Hopefully its not a repost.
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    Oil leaks I thought were gone...

    Hello all, I'm having an issue with an ever increasing oil leak that appears to be coming from the forward end of the exhaust side of the motor. (CPS ish region) So, 1st thing was to replace the CPS external o-ring, which was about the consistency of interior hard plastic when I took it off...
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    Extreme tire overinflation before mounting on car

    Hey everyone, I recently recieved a set of mounted wheels/tires from Tire Rack and before I installed them I checked the pressure in each. 36, 36, 36, PEGGED (check again on different guage) 85. So, thats about 50% over the max pressure rating on the tire, there is no physical deformation of the...
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    Switched power supply at ECU?

    Hi everyone, I'm installng a ZT-2 and for whatever reason the harness they give you to connect everything but the 02 sensor itself is very short. So I have everything spliced into the harness that goes into the ECU, but I can't seem to locate a switched 12v power source anywhere. All I seem to...
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    Hello Florida!

    Hey everyone, I just moved from NJ to New Smyrna Beach, FL and I just figured I would say whats up to all the Supra owners down here. So I guess post up if your in the area or if there are any meets or anything going, so I can meet some of you guys!