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    Engine cuts out at 1800 RPM

    Have my 7MGTE running with maft pro(in speed density), 560cc injectors, 36psi fuel pressure( b+ jumped to fp) mainscale set to -20%. My Vf is reading a steady 2.0 volts at idle, perfect 14.7 to 15 AFR at idle, but when i slowly rev up to 1800rpm it cuts out but when revved up quickly it...
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    Over-spray problem.

    Now from far away or at first glance its not noticeable at all, and for the most part the paint looks well taken car of(aside from a couple stone chips on the front), but when you looks closely its got this horrible over spray where the body shop decided to mask it off instead of the removing...
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    Squeaking from engine bay at idle with lights on

    Vehicle: 1989 Supra, 7MGE, auto transmission Problem: Squeaking noise only at idle when all the lights are on, increases with more electrical loads. I checked voltage at the battery while the car is on and it sits right at 14.5v... is this overcharging?Is this normal? Could there be a...
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    Engine temperature warning light while turning only?

    I recently adjusted my gas pedal for free play and the rpm at idle seem fine?(TSRM says 700, my tach says 750-800 at a cold start. It's an 89 auto so is the reading at idle when the engine is disengaged from the transmission?) So I take the Supra for a spin and whenever I make turns, the engine...
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    Thinking about painting my 89+ bumper grille

    Got an idea today, how about painting my bumper grille black? It's white by the way. Let me know what you guys think. Also pictures would help, I've been looking all over... Thanks
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    Coolant leak from hose under distributor cap

    Bought my first supra(N/A Auto) last week and I'm loving it :icon_bigg. This is my first post and sadly its about a problem :3d_frown:. Its running great but I have a slight leak coming from a hose right underneath the distributor cap. Coolant only tends to drip out when the car on a slant, in...