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    any good shops in socal

    Any good reputable shops down in social that can help me trouble shoot my 1jz ?
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    anyone with a 1jz near victorville ca?

    Anyone with a 1jz near victorville wana help me out with a map sensor swap? My car is running like crap and I need to eliminate some causes.
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    fresh 1jz swap missfirjng not building boost.

    How's it going guys I did a 1jz swap on my 89 mk3 supra. The engine is a Japanese mk3 non vvti. Well everything seems fine when I started, idles fine but when I try to drive it it won't pass 2000 rpms then the turbo starts to spool and it starts to miss fire but it doesn't build boost. Engine is...
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    1jz clips help needed

    hi hows it going fellas, i bought a full 1jz swap for my mk3, swap came with harness ecu motor ect. well i was looking at the harness and here in the picture u can see some grey clips, can anyone help me identify wat clips these are? i know the black clips go to the ignitor but idk where the...
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    Sick Lightshow!

    Check out the homie! plz comment(:
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    Hows it going

    hi i joined up a while ago just never had time to post an introduction. i drive a 89 supra 5spd turbo,ill post some pics of it soon. so hey hows everybody doing?
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    Some smoke,idle, and check engine issue

    well today as i was going home my car turned off while doing a turn, but when i turned it back on it will idle really low then shut off again but before it turned off it would flash the check engine light. I turned it back on then a bit of white smoke would come out of the exhaust so i checked...