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  1. NecroCyde

    1JZ code 25 *fun* need advice

    Hey guys, I have searched a ton both on the forums and google and done a lot of digging on this to figure this out cause as i really want to take this thing to the strip. I have my 87 Supra Targa, was 7MGE and and is now 1JZGTE Auto, originally wanted the auto for drag racing, 5 speed would be...
  2. NecroCyde

    1JZ RUNS!! need charging issue and grounds location help

    Hey guys, about 5 weeks ago i got my 1JZ running!!! after 4 years of messing around and no progress, figuring out i had been given the wrong ECU, having to pull the head as we found out it had 4 stuck intake valves and no compression on 4 out of 6 cylinders because of that. Got a rebuilt head...
  3. NecroCyde

    1JZGTE with a 2JZGTE headgasket

    Hey guys, I know this sounds retarded, but i am wanting to find some solid answers here with evidence to back it up. In light of 1JZ stock headgaskets becoming extremely limited in quantity and increasingly hard to find. I am wanting to investigate the use of the stock toyota 2JZGTE...
  4. NecroCyde

    CT26 Upper coolant hose diameter

    hey there, sorry if this was covered in a previous thread, but ive been looking everywhere on both SF and SM and i cant really find the info im looking for. does anybody know the exact inside diameter measurement for replacing the upper CT26 coolant hose that goes from the upper waterneck...
  5. NecroCyde

    jza70 1jzgte automatic ECU picture request

    hey guys, im just wanting to confirm my ecu is the correct one and nothing is out of the ordinary, does anybody have a picture of a 1jzgte automatic ecu from a jza70? just post them if you could. thanks
  6. NecroCyde

    1jz wont start/firing order question

    hey guys, searched around and oddly enough getting straight info on the 1jz firing order is a bit of a PITA. so i digress, whats the firing order of the 1jz? because my swap is done, everything that i can do is done and the engine is cranking well and getting plenty of fuel pressure. i think...
  7. NecroCyde

    1jz swap into 87 n/a, walbro fuel pump not coming on

    Hey everyone, i searched and i couldnt find a straight answer, but my apologies if this is a simple problem. this is my first 1jz swap and i have everything done except one or two minor things, finished my hardpipes up to my FMIC last weekend and everything else major is done. The problem...
  8. NecroCyde

    1jz serpentine belt no A/C with PS

    hey there, this sounds like a dumb question but i already got the belt from driftmotion that is supposed to be for a 1jz with no A/C but with power steering. they sent me the bando belt with these numbers: main number on front 6PK1890 other numbers: K060744, 5060745, 4060745, 744K6...
  9. NecroCyde

    1jz with PS but no A/C

    hey there people, ive searched everywhere and I can't get a straight answer, im wanting to ditch the A/C on my 1jz but keep the power steering, the problem is that the P/S pump bolts to the A/C compressor, removing the compressor doesnt really yield any hard points to bolt the PS pump to, do you...
  10. NecroCyde

    crazy question: can a 2jz harness and ecu run a 1jz??

    as the title says: if say with an aristo 2jz, a 1jz harness and ecu can run that engine, would it not be safe to say that a 2jz ecu and harness could run a 1jz? say if it were swapped into a mark 4? i just thinking that would be damn convenient for swap reasons to have a plug and play harness...
  11. NecroCyde

    WTB 87-92 automatic supra shell/rolling chassis

    hey there, as the title states im looking for any 87-92 supra shell or rolling chassis, perferably to be automatic (shifter, wiring, dash, pedals, etc etc) this can also be a supra thats got a blown/HIGH mileage engine and/or transmission. id also perfer it to have the diff, driveshaft and...
  12. NecroCyde

    7MGTE radiator with a 1JZ Hydrofan setup

    hey guys, ive searched around and havent really found much information, but ive had some people tell me its possible and doable. im just wondering if anybody has used there 7MGTE radiator with there 1jz swap, more especially with a hydrofan setup. I have a complete 1JZ engine setup with a...