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  1. Wills7MGTE

    Modern Warfare 2!

    I beat campaign once, halfway thru it on hardened as for veteran I don't know haha hardeneds tough enough. Multiplayers a blast when I am off and can play and spec ops missions are neat but I ewoulda preferred arab zombies hahahaha or Soviet Zombies
  2. Wills7MGTE

    2JZ NA-T into MK3

    Listen to Scott Jesse, you need more power and METH!!!!!!!!! Not the drug the injection kit
  3. Wills7MGTE

    More MKIII custom body slaughtering.

    To the video on the 1st page, OMG take a clean 1JZ dark colored gorgeous MK3 and then kill it and disfigure it and then piss its grave no wonder ya can't find any decent clean semi stock 1jz supra's
  4. Wills7MGTE

    Seriously? What did they do to it?

    THAT CAR IS A TRAINWRECK AT THE LEAST!!!!!!!! It appears that the interior was custom built and designed by a combination of the people at Grumman Circa WWII and Bob Vila! It is in fact Horrid and beyond repair
  5. Wills7MGTE

    Forza 3 anyone?

    NFS SHIFT has horrid physics, the only big perk to it was the tuneability of the cars and the cockpits were awesome but that wasn't worth the price tag SHIFT shoulda been about 25 bucks max
  6. Wills7MGTE

    Forza 3 anyone?

    I have yet to play it but I did pick it up yesterday but I work 12 hour shifts so prolly be frthursday night before I play it, I would try some this evening but I gotta clean my gun after work because we have qualification BLAH
  7. Wills7MGTE

    Friends of the opposite sex.

    I think this poll is flawed in that it's asking a vague and very gray question and only allows YES or NO, I chose No only because a YES would approve of all the underlying things included in this question, although the NO does the same thing but on the opposite end of the spectrum. My opinion...
  8. Wills7MGTE

    1990 MKIII Brand New 92KM fully loaded!

    Well as "Pristine" as it is, I buy a car to drive and enjoy not to worry over and protect, for that much dough I'd rather buy a 1997 targa 6 speed MK4 or a buuilt 2JZ swapped MK3 or something wild and fun and functional, they outta sell it to toyota for their mueseum.
  9. Wills7MGTE

    these rims?

    Love black with silver lips!!!!!
  10. Wills7MGTE

    My intake got stolen WTF???

    Razor's are fun but landmines are more effective for wanna be burglars and theives.
  11. Wills7MGTE

    Exhaust System Question

    Do it once and Do it right, if you lack the funds then wait till you can buy what you actually need. I know JMCBOOST personally and have riden in his 2JZ NA-T swapped MK3, his exhaust sounds good and performs much better than the stock turbo exhaust on the car so yes a DIY setup like what...
  12. Wills7MGTE

    My intake got stolen WTF???

    Rule #72 of life "People will do ANYTHING!!!!!!" How do I know you ask, well let me tell you a tale of a man I recently arrested. I was working day shift not too long ago when a local discount store calls and makes a complaint of shoplifting, they apparently had a security video of the...
  13. Wills7MGTE

    NASA nuking the moon?

    Well apparently some guy at NASA plays a lot of fallout 3 and say WTF let's play for real America! lol i HAVE pHYSICAL TESTING FOR A LOCAL pd i WANNA WORK FOR THAT MORNING AT 0800 SO IT'LL BE INTERESTING TO SEE IF WE ALL DIE OR NOT LOL
  14. Wills7MGTE

    My city is closing our track for a drainage ditch......

    As a police officer and car enthusiast/race enthusiast I can definately see this becoming a huge problem, Good Luck talking sense into them, city councils are ran by tight wad morons who operate on their agenda and don't give a shit about anyone in the town the run (typically some cities are...
  15. Wills7MGTE

    Hella Headlight Housing Upgrade

    I like the HID look but I did the Hella H4 housings with Sylvania H4 bulbs and they are wayyyy better than stock so I am ok with that I am not spending 200+ on a HID kit.
  16. Wills7MGTE

    Supra in Clunker lot

    haha i tried trading my dd POS escort its a 98 5 speed with like 190000 miles and it looks like crap runs good and they said nope cuz of mileage it gets. HAHA I will never let my 90 be scarped even it it blows engine and stuff ill keep it and one day rebuild it
  17. Wills7MGTE

    "Guns are more deadly"

    As a police officer and a gun owner I would just like to say, I beleive any law abiding legal U.S. citizen should have the right to purchase, keep and maintain firearms, I think that Law Enforcement personell should be afforded a lil more relaxed perameters as far as types of firearms owned...
  18. Wills7MGTE

    VDream racing on facebook

    Hey guys, any other facebook users on here use the VDream racing application? if so add me, search Will Sammut I should pop up around St Louis network and I doubt many have my name haha. I think they have it on myspace too but I don't have it for myspace just on my facebook. Basically its a...
  19. Wills7MGTE

    2JZ NA-T into MK3

    Looks like the vids turned out good too
  20. Wills7MGTE

    2JZ NA-T into MK3

    I rode in JMCBOOST's car today, it pulls even better than last time I went out in it, he was running 15psi, still has the restrictive factory sized exhaust but once he fixes that I think it'll really show what it can do, still has some tuning issues and possibly a boost leak but it's making a...