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  1. SideWinderGX

    Re-wiring/replacing factory splices in factory harness

    I bought 500 ft of 16 gauge Tefzel, in addition to the ~100 ft I had lying around and ~50 feet of shielded two conductor I bought for the ignition stuff and the CPS. I'm in the process of sourcing the few connectors and pins that aren't obvious, I've got some stuff from mouser coming that I can...
  2. SideWinderGX

    Anyone have a 7M torque plate?

    I need one for my block sometime this week/next week. Van's torque plate is being rented out at the moment and he's not sure of a return date. I've got the block/crank/rod and main bearings/tensioner/ARP main and rod hardware all ready to go...rods are at rabid chimp and I need to pull the...
  3. SideWinderGX

    87 7MGTE auto: car starts then stalls within 10 seconds

    Car was running fine a few weeks ago before I took off/put on the upper/lower IM, throttle body, TPS, IAC (all the associated crap) and new rear brake rotors/calipers. Also took off the IC piping and put it back on. Same IC pipes, same manifolds. Went to start it up, wouldn't start...forgot to...
  4. SideWinderGX

    Rear bumper bolt/bracket under wheelwell rusted out?

    The bracket that holds the leading edge of the rear bumper (the part going underneath the wheelwells) has rusted out, causes my bumper to sag down and scrape against the rear wheel. The bracket that is on the bumper itself is still there...
  5. SideWinderGX

    HKS fcon/gcc/vpc combo -- fcon switch/option out not working?

    Got alphabet soup all running, runs good so far. Short story: the gain knob on the vpc works, the option out knob does not. SW2 in the fcon is set to 0, setting it to 1-9 runs it a bit leaner but there is no difference between any of those. Option out wire from VPC, when hooked up to the fcon...
  6. SideWinderGX

    HKS VPC temperature sensor placement

    Could've sworn I saw a picture of someone who had the IAT sensor threaded into the back of the intake manifold where there is currently a bung/vacuum line. Can't find the picture for the LIFE of me, as I need to know if I need a bung or the sensor just threads in. Thanks!
  7. SideWinderGX

    night pager caliper bracket / mkiii or mkiv or ~'96 ls400 caliper mounting dimensions

    Looking to see if anyone has any info on the night pager brackets that aren't being made any more. Want to bolt the '96 LS400 front brakes/calipers up to the mkiii hub. If the night pager bracket was already made and someone has a set/has dimensions, that'd be great. Otherwise, if anyone had...
  8. SideWinderGX

    Wiring for FCON and GCC with no VPC?

    Just as the title says, if anyone has the pinouts of which of the GCC wires go where on the FCON I'd much appreciate it. Yes, it plugs into the VPC harness...but I don't have the VPC harness only the FCON harness which has no plug for it. Thanks!
  9. SideWinderGX

    MV Automatics

    Does anyone keep in regular contact with them? I can't get them to answer any of my e-mails (except one reply, which left a bunch of questions). Are they bogged down with work or do they just avoid checking e-mails usually? I'd call but I left my international prepaid calling card at home and...
  10. SideWinderGX

    No spark (7mgte), no tach movement, smell fuel

    First, I apologize...usually when I make threads I find the answer shortly thereafter through sheer luck or a thread I overlooked. So...meh. I'll dump all the important facts and skip how/why I found such things, unless they're relevant...and mostly in chronological order: -changed...
  11. SideWinderGX

    possible to check/adjust timing with code 52?

    Background: just finished HG job today, runs as it did before (decent) but has code 52 popping up occasionally, and had code 11 pop up at first startup (hasn't come back). I understand code 52 is the KS code, have to rewire it etc, however I'd very much like to check timing tomorrow morning...
  12. SideWinderGX

    Lopey idle, sometimes stalling, after 550/Lex mods

    Bought 6 used Mazda Rx-7 injectors from, two from three different people. Two came flow tested at 570 ish cc, the other four I had flow tested and came to 670 cc (I attribute it to being a cheap ass shop...they probably use a fluid with a different specific weight than gasoline)...
  13. SideWinderGX

    mishimoto silicone heater hose set...whats the third hose? Top left is the goofy hose on the heater valve on the passenger side firewall. Bottom center is from that heater valve to behind the head. Top right hose is...what? Can't be the lower radiator hose, but I don't...
  14. SideWinderGX

    RX-7 550cc Injector Clarification

    Here be a conglomeration of all the searching I've done thus far, that has not resulted in a definite answer: I've seen multiple threads stating that the purple topped, low impedence 550cc injectors from 89-91 turbo RX-7s are a 100% drop in new clips, no fiddling with injector...
  15. SideWinderGX

    Anyone with an engine undercover please take a glance...(composite possibility)

    If someone with either an engine undercover on their car, or one that is bouncing around in your garage or something please post in here I'd much appreciate it :) I need the dimensions of the bolt holes and overall dimensions of the stock plastic undercover. I'm in a composites class here at...
  16. SideWinderGX

    Bosch/Tial/something bov replacement kit?

    I absolutely KNOW one of the supra vendors had a kit, with the bov/air bypass valve, hoses and clamps in one package. I can't find it for the life of me. Anyone know what I'm talking about or have a link? Please and thanks :)
  17. SideWinderGX

    New camber bolts ... one I removed is different?

    I recently installed all new bushings on the front as well as new camber bolts, nuts, washers and those notched things. Three I took off (both passenger and the bolt on the rear of the driver's control arm) were exactly the same as the ones I installed, but the camber bolt on the front of the...
  18. SideWinderGX

    Bearing plate? (suspension)

    Went to go get my front end aligned today and the guy who test drove my car (I went with him, he took it easy) complained that the bearing plates were binding. He turned the wheel all the way to the left (to take a left), let go of the wheel halfway through the turn and accelerated, and the car...
  19. SideWinderGX

    Passenger inner tie rod =X

    Can't believe I'm making a post about a tie rod, but it's better to ask than keep quiet. The inner tie rod on the passenger side seems to be attached to a brace for the rack or something. When I try to unscrew the tie rod, the brace unscrews with it, and there isn't enough clearance to get it...
  20. SideWinderGX

    Engine light on dash controlled by?

    Went to start my car at a friends house last night and it would crank over forever but not actually fire up. I noticed the engine light on the dashboard was not lighting I fiddled with the fuses in the engine bay/kick panel (I took out the brake light one) and it fired right up. What...