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  1. shenronzero

    Post you New Years resolutions thread

    Post your new years resolution or what you just want to be better about 2009. I want to have an overall better year than 2008 and just follow my dreams and serve my country.
  2. shenronzero

    after market antenna install

    today i installed an aftermarket antenna to see how it looked and functioned. to start off with im not completely thrilled with the look of it, but i think it looks a little bit better than the long metal one, but this isnt the one im stopping with, i want to go with something a little shorter...
  3. shenronzero

    2JZ cressida vs mustang on pinks

    watching pinks and saw an old school cressida with a 2jz conversion going up agaist a mustang cobra. pretty good edisope, wondering if anyone else saw it. Oh, and was the cressida hitting fuel cut in first gear the whole time? thats what it sounded like to me. so thoughts and comments thanks
  4. shenronzero

    great political joke... must read

    i thought this would be a proper place for this because of its political ties... if its not im sorry. just wanted to share. Indian Student It was the first day of a school in USA and a new Indian student named Chandrasekhar Subramanian entered the fourth grade. The teacher said...
  5. shenronzero

    New Exhaust Idea... need some opinions

    ok well i have two ideas i have for a new exhaust for my supra... to start off with i live in a small town where cops WILL pull you over and give you a ticket for your exhaust but i work in a town where the cops have other things to worry about besides my exhaust. idea #1. take an aftermarket...
  6. shenronzero

    question about TEMs

    im asking this for someone else. Does the dash harness on a car that does not have TEMs still have the plug on the harness? a picture of the plug would be great thanks
  7. shenronzero

    tampa meet around thanksgiving?

    anyone meeting up in tampa around thanksgiving? more specifically the 28th or 29th... im coming from daytona for a few day and wanted to meet some of the tampa guys.... to be more specific ill be in palm harbor but i can drive anywhere over there
  8. shenronzero

    smart people strike again!

    just looking at cars as usual and i came across this one... im not gonna spoil it for you all just read the listing and laugh. i sure had a good laugh at it...
  9. shenronzero

    is there a more intelligent question than 'is it turbo?"

    Weather you are turbo or n/a im sure it gets old the first thing people ask is "is it turbo?'' or any of the other ways you can ask that question. Im sure there is better question to start off with that or is that all people care about? Also, if they were a car enthusiast of any kind they...
  10. shenronzero

    clean 1990 supra

    i was browsing ebay just looking around and came across this 1990 supra turbo/targa/5 speed. really nice looking car. a lot of care went into it...
  11. shenronzero

    my thoughts on R154 vs W58

    whats up everyone. You can do all the reading in the world but until you actually experience something you really dont know what to think. I have two supras an 87 with the W58 and an 88 that i just swaped an R154 from an A430E. I cant believe the difference in feel from the W58 to the R154...
  12. shenronzero

    ran into a problem with my auto to R154 swap please help

    ive got my auto droped out of my car and im about to put the r154 in but i noticed some of the sensors are different... ive figured out what to do with most of them except for one. the speed sensor that goes on the very back i dont know what to do with... can i use the auto one or is there a...
  13. shenronzero

    what kind of oil for the R154

    hey all, Im doing my Auto to R154 today and tomorrow and was wondering what weight oil should i use. I live in florida if that makes a difference thanks.
  14. shenronzero

    whats a good aftermarket/different throttle body for the mkIII

    title pretty much got it. what is a good aftermarket or just a different throttle body to put on the MKIII. thanks
  15. shenronzero

    whats everyones opinion of the spearco replica IC

    title pretty much says it all. whats everyones opinion of their IC? for the price it would be amazing...$200:love:. anyone own it or used it? i would like to hear your feed back. here is the link. thanks
  16. shenronzero

    another rear end question

    hey everyone, I have a 1988 supra with a A/T and I lucked out on getting a R154 5 speed that im going to swap into it. I want to get a 5 speed rear end to, to match up with the new transmission. I know there are two types of LSD's the 87-88 3.91 and the 89-92 3.73. My question is will the...
  17. shenronzero

    Auto rear end on a 5 speed trans swap... do i need to worry?

    hey all, In the next week or two im getting ready to sawp out my auto trans to a manual. I have everything i need except the rear end. am i going to be on with the auto one for a while till i get teh proper rear end? thanks
  18. shenronzero

    question about coolant overflow tank

    I have already fixed the problem. But, has anyone ever had the sensor on the bottom of the overflow tank go on them. My dad came home from the store with his 87 and his light was on so he checked the fluids and everythin was fine. So I took a spare overflow tank I had and put it on and the...
  19. shenronzero

    custom mount for dual battery charging relay

    hey everyone, i had some free time and i wanted to get some of my power wire and my relay out from under my hood. so i came up with a few idea and decided on mounting the relay and wires under the fender. here is the finsihed result. let me know what you all think.
  20. shenronzero

    Need help with the MAF: info needed

    hey everyone i think im having a problem related to the MAF... about a year ago i had a bunch of work done to my car. exhaust, trans and a few other things all around the same time. well something happened to the MAF that was on my car (1988) and i took a spare one from my 1991 and put it on in...