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  1. enjoi.this

    JZA70 Front sway bar

    Ive been told that the stock front sway bar in a JZA70 is stiffer then one in a MA70. They both look pretty similar in appearance and measure the same outside diameter. Would like to swap them out if theres actually a difference.
  2. enjoi.this

    R154 Guru Needed !

    I ordered a R154 rebuild kit from driftmotion and Im not sure where the 2 smaller syncro rings go. One has slanted teeth on it and the other has triangle teeth. The original syncros that came out of this spot transmission both had triangle shaped teeth?? Did driftmotion send me an updated...
  3. enjoi.this

    Maft-pro Tunerpro Problems

    Just installed maftpro running SD into the car. Starts and runs fine, readings seem normal on sensor monitor. Now I'm wanting to tune from my laptop but I am having issues with downloading and uploading bins in Tunerpro. Using version 4 Tunerpro RT and following tutorials I managed to get the...
  4. enjoi.this

    Cannot get car to run with Maftpro speed density

    Heres the story. Car will start then die pretty well immediately. I have the car completely wired up as per this diagram, have already double checked it again. All the settings for a MK3 for verasion 5 are all entered correctly...
  5. enjoi.this

    Rough idle and stalling

    I just got the engine back in the car this week. Replaced the head gasket with a thicker cometic along with new gaskets on the top end. When I fire it up it completely cold it seems to idle fine with a AFR of 14.7 but after about 30 seconds of run time the AFR drops to 10.0 and starts missing...
  6. enjoi.this

    JZA70 Torsen Differential - Info and Pictures

    This Torsen differential I personally pulled from my 1991 JZA70 Supra. I took pictures of it bolted in the MK3 subframe and what it looks like on the inside. The Torsen pumpkin looks almost the same as a regular MK3 diff on the outside, but once opened up its pretty apparent. Regular LSD...
  7. enjoi.this

    E-bay Bi-Xenon Head Light Kit

    Picked these up on E bay the other day. Actually looks to be an alright kit. High and low beams with proper aiming is what caught my attention. And for $100 to improve the already shitty lights on out cars is a CHEAP alternative IMO. What do you think of this kit and have you tried them out...
  8. enjoi.this

    Leaky Steering Rack Fix?

    Well I came to the conclusion that my steering rack seals are gone along with the leaky lines. Pulled a dust boot off to find it full of oil.. :( So instead of putting out $500 for a reman rack has anyone tried changing the seals themselves? I would much rather do it myself if the parts are...
  9. enjoi.this

    JZA70 folding mirrors onto USDM mk3

    If I were to install these onto my USDM supra what all is involved? Pretty sure ive read somewhere about a control module for them or something.
  10. enjoi.this

    JZA70 "Good" Parts Information

    Ive done a fair bit of searching for information on the JDM TTR's out there and its pretty limited... I made a score and bought one with body damage from a buddy who pulled the engine and trans for his rx7. So now I have a complete rolling shell in great shape (besides front right corner) to...
  11. enjoi.this

    Camshaft regrinds

    Over the winter this year the 7m is getting some more mods. The head is already ported and will get a little more. Im not really into spending big money on OS valves and BC cams since I will also be painting the car and installing an AEM EMS. Ive seen the SIP regrinds which seem to be pretty...
  12. enjoi.this

    R154 wont shift

    Finally the R154 with 170k miles, decided its not going to work any more. After the 1/4 mile drags down in mission raceways during the PAC NW meet she started doing some wierd stuff. Car ran well there and put down a 12.9 at 105mph with a 1.6sec 60 foot :naughty: Anyways the micky thompson et...
  13. enjoi.this

    Maftpro Wiring Q's

    The harness for the maft pro I got off a member is hacked apart. Already spent a fair amount of time repairing it and so forth. From what I understand the AIT and MAP sensors have been cut from the speed density harness. The red, green, and brown wires are straight forward. But the 2 black...
  14. enjoi.this

    Wiring color for gm 3 bar map connector

    Could someone take a quick peak at thier MAP sensor plug and tell me which color goes to which letter? :1zhelp: The red and black wires fell out of my harness plug and Im not sure what goes where. Thanks
  15. enjoi.this

    Project Silver Supra

    A little history on this 1987 Supra turbo. I picked this car up in May of 2008 for $4k. It was completely stock still rolling on sawblades. Everything about it was in awesome shape inside and out. From 2008 to present many pieces on the car have been rebuilt, replaced or refurbished to make it...
  16. enjoi.this

    What's your limit for pump gas?

    Whats your limit on pump gas with the stock ECU timing map. List what turbo, fuel management, internal mods, Air/fuel, EGT, base timing and so on.
  17. enjoi.this

    Turbo Upgrade Parts

    Im curious if anyone knows where to find garret upgrade parts for the CT26? I have a 57 trim turbo right now that is bunked and I figure since Im only going to run it this year so Ill go 60 trim. There are lots of turbo shops locally for diesel truck performance that rebuild/upgrade turbo's so...
  18. enjoi.this

    Base Timing

    What are you guys setting your base timing to when running 15+ psi on a larger turbo? Ive read in a couple different threads of guys setting to 0 deg? I wouldnt think you would make much power with the stock computer having it there.
  19. enjoi.this

    Exhaust manifold nuts

    Ive been having troubles with the exhaust manifold nuts coming loose. I have to keep tightening them back up and I dont want to have this issue anymore. Since its been leaking, Im just going to put in a new exhaust mani gasket when I put on the 57 trim. What would be a suitable lock nut...
  20. enjoi.this

    Whats this solenoid for?

    Ever since Ive owned the supra, its had this solenoid in between the vacuum line that goes to the fuel pressure regulator and its vacuum source. This solenoid is located under the intake manifold beside the EGR solenoid. The wires on for the solenoid plug are pulled out and one of the nipples on...