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    Ebay drivetrain fail

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    Switching to synthetic oil

    Is it safe for me to switch to synthetic oil? My 7MGTE has almost 162K on it and hasn't had a rebuild as far as I know. I've heard stories that switching to synthetic oil on an engine with this many mileage will either be bad for it or not benefit it in any way. Is this true?
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    Cleaning engine bay

    I am planning on cleaning my engine bay for the first time soon. By the looks of it, it hasn't been cleaned in years. As this is my first time cleaning it, are there any components I should avoid while doing it? Also, what cleaning products would you all recommend? Oh and before you flame me...
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    Brake pad shims

    My brakes squeak badly even though the pads were replaced only like a month or two ago. I did some research and found out that these cars use some special shims and unless they are on the car the brakes squeal. Can anyone give me some info about these shims or any other recommendations?
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    Anyone in the Pittsburgh PA area wanna cruise or something?

    Just let me know.
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    Preperation for a long trip

    There is a video game tournament in Cincinatti, OH (About 4 and a half hours from where I live) and I'd like to go but driving my Supra up there is my only option. I'm kind of paranoid taking a car this old on such a long trip though. It also has quite a bit of miles (160K) Renting a car isn't...
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    Coolant leaks out of the overflow

    Whenever I shut off the engine a little bit of coolant starts to leak out of the reservoir. At first the coolant level was slightly above the fill line so that's what we thought the problem was but it's not anymore and it still leaks. What could the problem be? If anyone needs pics I'll post em.
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    What type of title does your Supra have?

    I'm just curious about what kind of title everyone's car has. Right now mine has a salvage title after I hit a telephone pole a few months ago. Everything's fixed Now and the r title should come in in a few weeks :D
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    Spotted 6-24-2010

    Saw a white 86.5-88 Supra headed south on I-79 in PA earlier today. Couldn't tell if it was NA/Turbo or if any mods were done to it because I only saw it from a distance. If it was a targa the top was on.
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    Front bra

    Does anyone have any pictures of a Mk3 Supra with a front end bra on it? I hit a telephone pole a few months ago and my car is finally fixed but the bumper cover was off of a dark blue 86.5 and I was thinking I could bra on my car until I get some money for paint. Also does anyone here use a...
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    Who thinks this is complete horse shit?

    Ok so my friend has an early 00's Ford F250 7.3 Powerstroke and he told me today while he was driving to school a teacher was behind him and when he drove away from a stop sign a lot of smoke came out of the exhaust and the teacher stayed there for a bit until the smoke cleared. Then when they...
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    Eamon's build thread

    Alright. So about 3 months ago I bought my first car, a 1987 burgundy Supra Turbo hardtop. Everything was cool until about a week later when I slid on some ice and hit a telephone pole :(. (my fault for waiting too long to put on snow tires) I decided I would repair it with the help of my...
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    How can I get my glove box open?

    When I try to unlock it with the key it still won't open and is jammed. What can I do?
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    How can I tell if my Supra has ABS?

    I have an 87 turbo which I wrecked as most of you know but I would like to know if it has ABS. I tried searching but couldn't find any info.
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    I wrecked my Supra :(

    Earlier today I was out looking for snow tires for my car, but then my mom calls me and tells me I'd better get home quick as it started snowing hard and back roads were pretty bad. So I start to drive home and I'm almost there when this happened. I was going downhill slightly when all of a...
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    My introduction