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    S2k digi dash retrofit

    Any updates???
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    Drop and Roll: Lowered MKIIIs + Aftermarket Wheel Showroom

    Any info how we can do this? Or any thread to do this?
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    Drop and Roll: Lowered MKIIIs + Aftermarket Wheel Showroom

    Sorry to b a bit off topic but do u have pics of it mk4 bbk setup?
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    MK3 BBK Kit!!!

    Would it b possible to get it powder coated in white?
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    Wiring in wide band and 2 step to stinger EMS

    Actually the stinger doesn't have the option for a 2step. It does have a built in launch control but doesn't work good. I would like to know how do I wire up a aem wideband to my stinger?
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    Who did you get your 1JZ swap from? the good, the bad?

    I strongly advice anyone to go with tiger japanesse this company is the Biggest piece of shit company I have ever dealt with!!!! The motor came out good but everything else that I paid for was completly trashed and they refused to refund me my money...
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    boosting question

    actually no i havent. ill try it
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    boosting question

    hey guys any ideas what could be wrong??? this is what happened. on thanksgiving night i was driving home and decided to feel some boost :icon_bigg. well after words i was hearing some exhaust leaks coming from the wastegate. so i thought i blew my wastegate and bought and swapped a new one and...
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    motor swap questions

    Well if u r trying to reach those number u r going to need more then just a turbo. It doesn't matter if u get a 1jz or 2jz, u will need to have upgraded your computer, fuel system and turbo and exhaust. Also if u r trying to hit over 600whp then it will depend on what u r trying to go for as in...
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    2jzgte injectors on 1jzgte???

    all correct except that you wont need the resister pack if u are running a standalone :icon_bigg only on the stock ecu
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    Anyone ever used the Driftmotion lightened pulley set for 1jz?

    i been having them for about a year already. i installed them when i was doing my 1j swap
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    Stretch's Digidash thread

    stretch great thread man. really enjoying it. bit im noticing its been like 3 years already. whats going on? :icon_bigg lets getter done!!!
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    Painted Covers

    actually isnt orange. kinda looks like it but its actually high heat copper from your local lowe's home improvement. :biglaugh: i also just finished painting my coil cover chrome to match the turbo compressor. i need to polish my intake manifold
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    BC cams 1jz?

    I strongly advice not to go with bc. Reason for is if u want more power in the end I would suggest getting the hks 272's it's a bit more but way more power. One of my buddy's got the bc 272 and made less power then another friend of us that he got some hks 264 and Made more power. But that just...
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    Anyone ever used the Driftmotion lightened pulley set for 1jz?

    I actually have the complete kit and light weight flywheel and on the dyno I actually made more torque then hp. On stock twins
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    Painted Covers

    Boost control
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    Painted Covers

    I actually just finished mine
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    JZ coils and standalone EMS's

    I ended up going to fry's electronics and ended up getting some shrink wrap and worked out great