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    Bolt on Big Brake Kit For around 300$.

    I see that OP stated that brakes would not clear with xxr521 18x10 +25 but would it be possible using spacers?
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    2jzge ffim design. anyone seen this before?

    Yes, it's a PNT intake. It will not fit unless you hammer away at your stock booster or use a toyota pickup truck brake booster. The weld are nice and you have a choice of either q45 flange or PNT's generic flange. My only complaints are that its cast aluminum and a bit heavy and the mating...
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    AEM series 2 on 7mgte Honda unit 30-6050 working!

    I think once I have my pipes on it'll pull vacuum and it will spin.
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    AEM series 2 on 7mgte Honda unit 30-6050 working!

    With a lot of help from 87targa I was able to use the modded 6050 to run my 2jzna-t. It runs simialr to the 7m setup. It has the 7M cps, wasted coils but has sequential injection.
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    AEM EMS .cal files

    This ran and idled on my 2jzge na-t but only for 5minutes. It still needs a lot of work. Custom harness with sequential injection ID1000. 2jz VVTi wasted coils. 7M CPS 3.5 aem map sensor GM Iat toyota coolant temp sensor The file is a series 2 2v02
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    Sound Performance / Precision 5557 Bolt on turbo - thoughts/opinions?

    I've had this turbo since last year and I daily drove my car back then. This was my setup was the usual lex/550, afpr and piggypack. Stock head and cams. Bottom end is built but nothing special that'll effect the hp numbers much. My 5857 stock wastegate pressure was ~10psi which netted...
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    Removing multiplex from 7MGTE for less than $200

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up! Is this just a workaround method for the limitations of the 1130 and 1110 boxes?
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    Removing multiplex from 7MGTE for less than $200

    I'm planning on using a 6050 for a 2jz na-t
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    Removing multiplex from 7MGTE for less than $200

    Does the enabling of injector 123, disable 456 and enable 789,10 apply to only the 1130?
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    your inbox is full :)

    your inbox is full :)
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    Calling Rodel? is the S2 airguide still available?

    I called shine auto and ordered directly from them. I installed mine yesterday
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    ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    edited my last post #330
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    ***SM Member Horsepower List***

    Can I be on a list? :) 7M 400rwhp 427ft/lbs 18-19psi spike Fuel -255 wally -afpr w/ bypassed j tube -550cc -water/meth injjection Electronics -AEM truboost -ApexI Neo (updated and reflashed) -is300 cop setup Intake/exhaust -Lexus afm housing -DM spearco IC -3inch...
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    New SP "Bolt on" Turbo

    this is what I did today with the 5857@14 on 91 Cali piss water
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    DIY Head gasket job possible?

    The link below was a great deal of help for me when I did it myself. I was a complete noob. Make sure you read up on here and the toyota repair manual.
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    New SP "Bolt on" Turbo

    Managed to open up some space by rotating the compressor housing very slightly. Depending on how the oil drain is setup, it will limit how much rotation is possible before hitting the wastegate actuator bolt. Plus the wastegate rod can't be twisted too much... Installing the turbo...
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    New SP "Bolt on" Turbo

    Just in case if anyone is interesting in the Precision 5857 bolt-on FROM Sound Performance; the turbo will have a different compressor housing and looks to have minimal fitment issues. Sound Performance rotates the housing and center section to the correct positions and redesigned the wastegate...
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    New SP "Bolt on" Turbo

    i'll probably have the same problems too then :( Did you special order the compressor housing to have the surge holes? what was your cost if you don't mind telling me?