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  1. Aaron J Williams

    This is completely insensitive

    And, these Islamic fundamentalists, these radical terrorists, these Middle Eastern monsters are committed to destroying the Jewish nation, driving her into the Mediterranean, conquering the world. I think the Muslim faith teaches hate. I am saying pornography hurts anyone who reads it...
  2. Aaron J Williams

    man cuts off his own penis

    Maybe he was listening to that song "Detachable Penis" while doing drugs?
  3. Aaron J Williams

    Think the gestapo in the USA doesn't exist? THINK AGAIN.

    I think that having a real job first should be a prerequisite for public service. That and term limits and the Fair Tax would go a long way towards saving the USA.
  4. Aaron J Williams

    One Law to Solve ALL Political Corruption

    I love it! Good luck getting any pols. to vote for it though.
  5. Aaron J Williams

    This is completely insensitive

    Didn't Hitler feel the same way about the Jews? Of course I feel the same way about Islamic Jihadis so I shouldn't be the one to throw stones but I don't recall any Falwell followers strapping bombs to themselves and killing civilians so maybe it's different. At least now he will stand before...
  6. Aaron J Williams

    Trident Missile System

    Those who bemoan the existence of nukes also bemoan the existence of handguns. Both serve the same purpose, and both are effective. I would be supportive of more of both. One of our govt.'s main job is to protect us from foreign threats and tactical nukes are a great deterrent IMHO. For that...
  7. Aaron J Williams

    Buying an older jeep cherokee

    The early grand cherokees with automatics had transmission problems. I've changed 4 automatic transmissions on grand cherokees, all at around 145,00 miles. I have never changed a manual trans in a 4.0 I6 jeep. I did change one rear diff in a 93 cherokee I6 though. I vote for the 4.0 I6 !
  8. Aaron J Williams

    **Post your Motorcycle pics Thread**

    Those crotch rockets sure look sweet but somebody has to represent for the old junky bike crowd so here they are! My current ride: 1982 GL1100 Goldwing Aspencade My wife's GL500i Silverwing Interstate next to a CB750 K5 I built to sell My son's 2000 XR50RRRR The bike I race my son...
  9. Aaron J Williams

    Libertarians are Terrorists in Alabama and Pennsylvania 48 states to follow...

    I quit a job as the parts room manager for the county highway department because of the Patriot act. 8 months after I got the job they told me I had to have a haz-mat endorsement for my class A license even though the county never handled haz-mat and never planned to. The haz-mat endorsement...
  10. Aaron J Williams

    Watch, Atlas is shrugging...

    This is the beginning of the end. The markets responded badly to his threat to nationalize banks, go figure! How can you equate a 20% inflation rate and taking all the citizens money with "helping Venezuela"?
  11. Aaron J Williams

    France is no longer on my shit list

    Would that be the Ricard party?:naughty: Seriously though, the black or "cash economy" as we call it over here would be irrelevant if the government scrapped the income tax and went to a national sales tax system like is advocating. I swear that politicians are too inept to get a...
  12. Aaron J Williams

    This is the safety we give up liberty for.

    Amazing! Governments are full of idiots because all the smart people are out making money. Of course we could always use the MMGW excuse "what if they were right?" I have to go, I think the sky is falling.
  13. Aaron J Williams

    Bush official resigns over escort links

    What you fail to realize is that with dems in control of ethics committees very few dems will come under investigation. There are actually more repubs under investigation than dems and it's not because there are more crooked repubs. The point I am really trying to make is that repubs ostracize...
  14. Aaron J Williams

    al-Qaeda = Sicker than you think

    Don't I feel dumb now!
  15. Aaron J Williams

    Bush official resigns over escort links

    You forgot Dianne Feinstein (D) funneling more than a Billion dollars of taxpayer money to her husband's company. or Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid who collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn’t personally owned the property for three years.
  16. Aaron J Williams

    al-Qaeda = Sicker than you think

    First off, the dems don't think the jihadis will stop. They think we deserve to have suicide bombers in the US. They are the leaders of the "hate America" crowd. Secondly, hell yes they would sell American security down the river for their own political gain. They constantly rely on the lies of...
  17. Aaron J Williams

    UK: Freedom for security? Try privacy in the bathroom for security...

    I can see it now. Little jimmy is taking a dump when a fight breaks out in the bathroom and next thing you know a bunch of teachers are swarming around watching him wipe his bum. It seems to me that their idea will make kids less likely to use the school toilet than they are now, no? Maybe...
  18. Aaron J Williams

    Bush official resigns over escort links

    At least he resigned unlike rep. William Jefferson - Democrat, Louisiana who was caught on tape accepting a $100,00 bribe and refused to step down. Where is your outrage over that one? Where is your thread condemning his actions? YAWN
  19. Aaron J Williams

    Global Warming: The Origin and Nature of the Alleged Scientific Consensus

    Have you seen data from the Greenland borehole record yet? It seems that scientists have found a better way to measure past temperature than measuring tree rings and guessing! I was wondering how the IPCC was able to erase the medieval warming period and now I know. Mann & co. GUESSED past...
  20. Aaron J Williams

    Clinton administration fires all 93 Attorney Generals

    Where were you during the Clinton Scandals? 74 times is nothing! Slick Willie himself couldn't recall 267 times! I don't remember - 71 I don't know - 62 I'm not sure - 17 I have no idea - 10 I don't believe so - 9 I don't recall - 8 I don't think so - 8 I don't have any specific...