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    Should I do it?

    if the body's good, sure, give it a shot.
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    America's Army (the game)...anyone play?

    I signed up to get the game when it first first came out. fuckers never sent me shit.
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    Tell us a bit about yourself... Random Facts.

    I'm a rugby playing, jiu-jitsuing, english major with aspirations to teach elementary school. Despite having worked on my supra for a few years now, I'm a wreck with anything more complicated than installing an aftermarket stereo. Oh yeah, and in my two attempts, I've yet to pull off a...
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    Seahawks vs Bears

    If we win, it will be thanks to Grossman. what, like 54% completions this season? along with how much they <he> turns the ball over, he's going to be key. combination of that and how busted up our guys feel today. :P <fuckers have me working starting at a quarter to noon, so my ass misses...
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    Gimme a minute, I'm on it. I have the waaay short <read: important part> of the clip, if someone can host. I remember when I first saw booyah, I showed it to eeeeeveryone. At least 4 black guys in the clip, just fyi mazzer :P
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    Slut! (NWS)

    41%, blown away that I score that 'high.'
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    What did you get for Christmas!?

    See, finding a chick who digs supras isn't that hard to deal with... as long as you keep buying her car all the new toys, you get to rock the stuff she replaces... as long as the misses is the only one in the neighborhood who can beat you, nothin to worry about. Back on topic: NOGI hoody...
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    Gran Turismo HD Demo

    Looking forward to Forza 2 waaaaay more than any GT product. that having been said, it looks pretty sweet, though I doubt I'll ever buy a GT game.
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    How do you think the NOS energy drink moves units? :P
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    Who's played gears of war on 360?

    I enjoy it, but suck too much to play online, and am sick of all the cutscenes that you can't skip in the single player. :P Rayman for Wii, SC3 for PS2, I'm good. Cant wait for Forza 2. holy crap.
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    $50 paint job write up

    Spray paint > roller <points down> better pics!
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    Can you change the name of your car after you've already named it?

    Supras are female, some of you guys are silly. And no, you can't rename it. Scarlett is spectacularly not red any more.
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    What did you get your significant other for Christmas?

    No sig. other... got one of the ladies a copy of In the Army Now <starring Pauly Shore> the other is getting some good coffee to help wean her off her starbucks addiction.
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    You got what you wanted

    He fucks that quiz up, whereas the Bush administration doesnt give a shit what flavor they are. six of one, half dozen of another.
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    W58 woes

    Wow, I leave this thread for a couples months and it gets popular! Now I just need time and another W58.
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    Supra Zippos

    Reproduce the MK3 supra hood badge on the front, supramania on the bottom of the back like above sans ass of supra, sell me three.
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    10 years. Or less.

    idiocy FTW.
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    New to Self-defense

    I just started Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, and I'm a ripe old 23, lovin it! Never too late to start, only risk is too late to be awesome at it.
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    Would You like MDCmotorsports as a Supermod?

    failing to see a need for more moderation...
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    Nacho Libre is out today!!!

    Since when? it's still ~90 US cents to the canuck dollar...