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    Fastest mk3 1jz with a th400

    Do I have the best et in a mk3 1jz with a th400 trans? Car 375. Lmk video is to large to attach.
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    Up to date 1jz mk3 1/4 mile times

    I'm looking for information on where to go for updated 1jz mk3 1/4 mile times. Yes I saw the list on here, not sure how current it is. Any guidance would be appreciated.. Thank you.
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    1j soarer auto engine and trans. Mk3 chassis

    I'm having a few issues.. I have a 1jz auto out of a soarer. I have it up and running/driving. My tach is not correct, says red line is 3400 rpm. Also when I shift front park to neutral it dies also from drive to neutral it dies.. I can't figure this out. I have checked and rechecked the...
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    1jz rattle

    I have a 1j mk3. Just go it running. After building temp I get a rattle in the top passenger side. Can't decide where it's coming from. Already changed the tensioner pulley bearing. If you you tube 1jz rattle you will fine a stock soared with the same sound. It's not rpm dependant. If I give it...
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    1jz auto cel and temp

    i just wired up the gauges. my temp gauge pegs. and i have no check engine light. key on not running or with it running. now the temp gauge pegs as soon as i turn the key over. 86.5 with a 1jz from idk. any help? also have to wire up the fuel with a 12v straight wire.. maybe i just have'nt found...
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    where to buy 1jz map

    just realized my jzx90 did not come with a map sensor. any ideals or links to buy the proper map. or is there an upgraded one i should be looking for? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    looking in to buying a 1j for my 86.5

    i have recently bought back my supra. previously i owned the car for 9 years. sold it for one year. it came up for sale with yet another blown engine. so i did what most smart people do and i bought it back....... now that i am committed, i was wondering what 1j engine i should buy. vvti or no...