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    852 whp 7m

    852whp 7475 Finally its the end of my journey. Went up to granite state dyno for alex to work his magic and he did. Mods are as follows 7mgte 7475@37 psi Os giken triple In tank walbro Magnafuel 4303 Pte 1200's Ets 3 row Built engine (my assembley)...
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    dyno with vid 74-75.96ar

    so went back to the dyno as an update. Last time i maxed out the map sensor and had a hard time fixing the tune as i had misfires. This time i have a vid and no sheet lol. Ended up around 760rwhp and 650tq on 30psi ran out of wastegate spring. I installed a weaker spring to stay within the range...
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    big cams

    ok what is the biggest cam i can fit before i have to grind the head for it to rotate?
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    new dyno number precision 7475 built motor and meth

    so went back to the dyno today after my recent build up' new changes are as follows. meth kit dual nozzle with 250psi pump found and fixed boost leak in intercooler pipe readjusted the bov tighter os giken tripple motor has wiseco pistons, eagle rods, 74mm .81ar, 264 cams custom...
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    quake's short build thread

    i hate waiting for anything and wanted the car back already but it needs too much so had to tear it all down. This will show a quick build thread of the motor and car. Lots of newengland rust so it needs paint and rust repair enjoy..
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    r154 and 1000 crank hp?

    ok so 1000hp is my goal and i am pretty much there just a few more psi. So the question now is can the r154 take it. I built this trans about 3 years ago and have been waiting a long time for it to break. All stock parts no upgrades i see threads with broken r154's but most don't open it up...
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    750rwhp carnage

    first i stretched a stock t-belt, next i ripped 5 teeth off a new t- belt so i replaced it with a gates. Now this... this is all that is left of my oil pump drive shaft pulley. I think with the low belt deflection it may put too much stress on the shaft
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    new dyno number 74hps turbo!!!

    well i need to close up the ring gaps a bit but made the first pull at 23psi and car made 647rwhp! second pull at 27psi and 685rwhp and 560tq. Wayy to rich at 10.0 af's and low timing as i had too much blow by and had to stop the tune. I feel the car is on it's way to low 800's with more...
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    blown mhg? need to fix? how to:

    I wish the mkiii community would stop using the crappy cometic gasket then make a post about a blown gasket. 1. use the hks stopper. 2. resurface head and block as needed there should be no erosion around the cooling ports and no ring left around the combustion chambers from and old...
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    The reason my 67 is up for sale

    74gts!!! and a goal of 800rwhp, what else?
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    quake vs 9.0l 540ci camaro!!!

    This was on the way to the races, messing around with him revving to 7200rpm. Sorry for the vid quality but it was a cell phone. You get the idea though ran out of road. This was at 23psi before the tune was perfected
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    bbc springs

    can't find the tech info on the bbc springs i have. Part # 975-12 comp cam. What can you rev them to with upgraded cams? Will they make it to 8k?
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    quake's 7m vs the big blocks

    So i have a friend with a big block camaro, he's been building for the past few years. Car runs the best of the best of everything it is 540ci and a 9.0l. The car is a monster!!! Now i show him some you tube supra vids and he don't care. I put together my car to show people what a daily...
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    625rwhp tear down part 2

    So here we are again rings are a bit worn and starting so let out pufs of smoke here and there so i decided to pull it as it has been about 15-18k. Last time i tore it down at 12k search if you want, ended up using eagle rods and reusing the main bearings as they looked very good also reused...
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    quake vs 73 dodge dart

    So i've been building my car up for some time now and finally feel happy with the power output on pump gas (500)rwhp. So i call up a good friend of mine to tell him the news. He runs a speed shop and builds cars too at this time he has a dodge dart. He put down 570tq and 530hp on an engine...
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    600rwhp with stinger

    So i finally broke 600 today what do you think about the power under the curve car is running a port & polish buy me, and a conservative cam. Boost was at 25psi. Numbers are up quite a bit under the curve jumps 200rwhp from 4-45k.
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    custom cam shims

    anyone know where to get custom shims for the 7m in the us? Ted cams shows up to 3.5mm. I need a 3.12mm or like .135thou. Thickest from toyota is .129
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    quake vs. 01 ram air 383 stroker

    so i decided to go ahead and fab up a new exhaust for the supra. So i went by my buddy's exhaust shop and fabbed up a 3.5" system. The new muffler was 2 days away so as a joke we mounted up a 5" pipe from the rearend back lol. Needless to say it was LOOOOUUUUDD! My buddy tells me to do a...
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    valve float?

    anyone using the comp cam valve springs and reving to 7k? I ran a data log with the stinger and when the car hits around 6k with a 67mm turbo @ any psi the rpm's go up and down. You cant tell on the tach but logged it will read 6100-6125-6115-6200- and so on. I usually do all my own work...
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    latest upgrade!!!!

    here is my new upgrade born on the 4th of july 6pm. she is 7lbs. and half irish and half african and yes she fits in the supra:icon_bigg