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    boosting question

    hey guys any ideas what could be wrong??? this is what happened. on thanksgiving night i was driving home and decided to feel some boost :icon_bigg. well after words i was hearing some exhaust leaks coming from the wastegate. so i thought i blew my wastegate and bought and swapped a new one and...
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    Fpr question

    Hey guys I'm wondering if u guys can help me out. I been searching but came up with useless stuff. Well I just finished my single turbo swap. I swapped to a t76 with a .68 a/r with a 50mm wastegate. Anyways I also swapped to us 550cc injectors and also dropped in a fpr. Now my question is at...
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    Safc diagram

    Hey guys well I have a fist gen safc and i was wondering if anyone can verify if the wiring diagram from a safc-II is the same for a first ten safc. I searched the forum and found the diagram for the second ten safc-II. Witch helped me understand how to wire it up. But I just want to double...
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    need help no spark

    ok i been searching on the treads for answers founds a couple of things. im doing a 1jz swap and i got fuel pressure going but no spark. i read somewhere that i have to have power on both wires of the coil packs and ionly have power on one cable. i also read that i have to check the crank sensor...
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    is anyone using there heater core? if so what kind of of hoses are u guys using for the heater core? or do u guys know where i can get some?
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    i need help with questions

    ok so im doing a 1jz swap and just for the record i strongly suggest to anyone not to buy stuff from tiger Japanese!!!! they are FUCKEN RETARDS!!! anyways well i got a 1jz and asked for a supra but they send me a 1jz from a soarer. my problem is that i got the supra brackets for the motor...
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    jza70 diaghram

    does anyone have the diagram for a jza70 for my swap?
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    hydro-fan control unit

    hey guys i wanted to know what is a hydro-fan for? does the motor really need it?
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    2jz and 1jz

    im just curious if a 1jz bell housing fit on a 2jz block?
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    another curious question

    how much boost can a stock 7m turbo with just a 1.4 mhg be able to handle??? :evil2:
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    is there any diff.?

    between the auto lsd and the 5 speed lsd? just curious
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    7m ecu

    im doin a 5speed swap from an auto... doi need to change the ecu and hardness to a 5speed also? or can o bridge it?
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    1jz swap

    how hard is it to do a 1jz swap on a 89 supra?
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    who knows when is the next "supra invite las vegas"???
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    first project

    ok guys im getting really for my first big project lol... anyhoo i got an 89supra and dropping a 1jz, but i wanted to know of any bumps i might hit down the road? and how would i be able to do the wiring?
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    tranny question

    im not sure but i heard that an 5speed 7m tranny also fits in a 1jz. is it true??? does anyone know???
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    engine harness

    does anyone know how make a new wire harness? or know of some where they might?