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    Georgia Supras

    Has anyone seen my old MK3??? I sold my car a few years ago and last i heard i was in georgia somewhere around Atlanta and i would love to find it and buy it back. If anyone has seen it please let me know. Its a 1991 with a 1.5JZ and a Holset single.
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    What could I sell for??

    Dont be retarded... Its an 88 with a 7M It really depends on how clean it is and how bad someone wants it but i would guess between $3-5k just because there are very few people that want a 7m no matter whats done to it.
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    ecu retune

    Get a map ECU and ditch that worthless MAF.
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    Holset H1C Turbo Questions - Need Help

    12cm2 should be fine, i was running an HX52 with a 16cm2 housing on a 1.5JZ (same 3.0l displacement) and it was great, i had full spool by 4000rpm so you should be between 3200-3500 with a 12cm2, i wish there was a 12cm2 housing for the HX52 i would have loved it even more.
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    Wheel Fitment & Question Thread

    Im about to order new rims in sizes 18x8.5 F and 18x9.5 R should i go with a +35 or +20 offset??? I already have rolled fenders with eibach springs and koni yellows. I know the 35 is "safe" but im not sure how flush it will be.... is the +20 too much??
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    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Yellow light provides much better visibility in inclement weather which is the reason a lot of cars in european countries have yellow fogs as well as headlights and highbeams. So yellow fogs are actually a safety improvement not just for looks.
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    Cobra brake kit questions???

    The only cobra that had a 5.4L was the 2000 Cobra R and i highly doubt that autozone is stocking those brakes. you should be fine with any year cobra calipers and rotors, however i believe the 94-01 cobras had 38mm caliper pistons and the 03/04 cobras and Mach 1's had 40mm pistons in the calipers.
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    1jzgte running lean while NOT in boost.

    I would say its normal also, when its cold the ecu is running in closed loop which is why its rich, once its at operating temp the o2 sensor should tell the ecu to keep it stoich. which is 14.7 so it will fluctuate around that which is fine when not in boost. As far as the white smoke and...
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    Some pics from today

    Fronts = Kuhmo Ecsta Supra Rears = Mickey Thompson E.T. Street's. :thumbup:
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    Some pics from today

    You painted your car Ford true blue metallic??? Im thinking i might repaint mine RSP.
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    Some pics from today

    Thanks a lot guys!!! Correct it is a 91 and the ABS was deleted by the previous owner, i feel the same about airbags as you do about ABS so it was also deleted hence the 89 non airbag wheel replacement. Yes its a Holset HX52
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    Noob wanting a Supra!

    The 7M is an old truck engine thats prone to head gasket failures and rod knock and will require being "built" if you want it to be somewhat reliable and make power... The 2JZ is a newer and improved design and is more reliable and capable of making good power without having to "build" the...
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    Some pics from today

    Its making about 475rwhp on a conservative pump gas tune. Tires are 295/45/17 and they hook great... the nittos i used to have were GARBAGE.
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    Some pics from today

    It was 80 Degrees out today so i decided to wash up the old supe and take a few pics. Pics were taken with my Galaxy note 2.
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    My birthday/christmas present

    Very nice 1911!! The old lady sounds like a keeper!!!
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    I need quicker spool (1JZ) Ideas??

    Get a 2JZ GE block...... More power,more torque,faster spool,bolts up to what you already have. Problem solved. (you can thank me later) PS... if you already have a divided manifold get a divided housing for that turbo.
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    Boost Problem =-)

    Does it seem faster?? are you hitting fuel cut??
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    South carolina mk3 supras where are you at?

    There are a few but its mostly MK4's around here.... I see you are from hagerstown, small world thats where i was from before i moved down here.
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    MAP-ECU dowload current map on the piggy back to laptop??

    Yes you can... when you connect the laptop to the mapecu it will bring up a prompt and ask you if you want to load the map FROM the ECU or TO the ECU just click the button thats appropriate and it will read from the mapecu. Then you can save that file and store it so you can come back to it...
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    Map ecu ??

    I know this thread is old but i run mapecu 1 and i love it, much better than the SAFC i was running. However i would say the mapecu 2 or 3 are better if you can swing the price difference just because they can control timing.