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  1. SupraStardom

    Anyone interested in Kansas City track days?

    Just moved to Omaha, ne. Not a whole lot of the supra community here. there are a few of you guys that messaged me and i got some good tips for dynos around here, but i know there is no 1/4 mile tracks except for in Kansas City. Just wondering if anyone is interested in going for a get...
  2. SupraStardom

    Anyone know a dyno in Omaha, NE?

    As thread title says I'm looking for a Dyno in Omaha, NE. I'm in need of some afc neo tuning.
  3. SupraStardom

    1jzgte ecu extention

    I wanted to post something i found during my swap that helps those doing a 1jzgte swap. I tried searching around to see if someone had posted it but the search engine in here wouldnt let me. So i dont know if someone has posted it already but here it goes The honda/acura NSX has the same...
  4. SupraStardom

    No Power inside car after 1jz swap

    ok im sure this something so simple. I did a 1jzgte swap and i dont have power inside the car. i checked my fusible link and all my fuses also resanded and adjusted grounds. Battery is at full charge (checked with fluke meter). i disabled my alarm. i made sure the 14gauge power wire is tight...
  5. SupraStardom

    87 Factory alarm

    How do i disable the factory alarm? Where is the anti theft ecu located? Thanks
  6. SupraStardom

    87 Fuse box wiring diagram

    :mad: the tsrm in the Reference Section is not working.... anyone got the wiring diagram of the leads from the fuse box to the engine harness. I just need the diagram on this to wire in the 1jz harness. i got the diagram for the 1jz end oddly enough, figured thatd be the hard one to get...
  7. SupraStardom

    anyone got a parts car in cali?

    i was wondering if anyone had a parts car laying around in the bay area or even la area. let me know thanks
  8. SupraStardom

    1jz hydro fan question

    I was wondering how to get my hydro fan wired up correctly the first time through so I don't have to go back and fix it. The fan ecu plugs into the engine wiring harness and engine wiring harness is on the engine, but the coolant temp sensor is on front part of the chassis harness. How does...
  9. SupraStardom

    Oil Cooler mounting.....

    Just a quick question. I have an aftermarket oil cooler and I was wondering if it mattered how I mounted it. Like does the inlet and the outlet have to be on top or the bottom. Can they be on the side?
  10. SupraStardom

    Archive: MAFT Pro Questions

    Here's some links to start us off!!! drjonez's MAFT Pro FAQ: drjonez's MAFT Pro archive (manuals, SW updates, etc.): How many Maft Pro in MKIII
  11. SupraStardom

    Clean Maft-pro install?

    Just wondering how everyone seems to be installing there maft-pro. I bought the full package (boost, lc-1, speed density). I see a butt load of harnesses that need to go into the engine bay. Just wondering where the best place to run the wires is. Thanks alot.
  12. SupraStardom

    1/4 times for sp61gt?

    Just wondering what the sp61gt turns in for times and trap speed. Anyone?
  13. SupraStardom

    Engine cuts out often

    Ok I was driving to work in the morning and everything was running fine nothing out of the ordinary. I get a couple miles away from work and the engine starts cutting out so the car starts bucking like crazy. By cutting out I mean that it is running soundly and as I start increasing rpms it...
  14. SupraStardom

    Fuel Pump.....RIP?

    Alright so I got everything done on my rebuild and made some nice additions to the engine. I'm running 550 injectors. Lex AFM. BIC DDP and many other things. I ran the car for a few weeks. And this morning on my way to work it ran rough. It would idle fine. Just during take off or maintain...
  15. SupraStardom

    Leaky Fuel Rail

    Hey I got an 87 turbo. Just did a full rebuild and some extra stuff. I installed 550cc injectors on my fuel rail and it ran fine....for awhile. Now about a week later my number 4 injector now gushes fuel from the rail. I pulled the injector and changed the O ring. I noticed that the injector...