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    Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

    Any updates on this?
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    1987 MK3 Resto

    How goes the battle? Also from c.t (east hartford) with fingers crossed hopin everything is going well.
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    Ffim conversion on 7mgte turbo

    what is the benifit of a FFIM?
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    any other supra owners in CT??

    ill deff attend meets at the pike when i get back from patrol keep me posted!
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    any other supra owners in CT??

    Theres 2 or 3 in east hartford not including an owner not a driver of 2 :(
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    Project Never Finished: Version 2 Carbon Fiber Edition.

    tried to order those doors off the link u put up for the cf doors n it dont work......grrr....
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    Head Gasket thickness selection

    so i need to resurface both the head n block in order for me to put on a mhg? I was going to put on 3mm so if i go and do this w/o resurfacing anything the mhg will blow?
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    Who has the best looking mk3

    that crushed one is the best!