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  1. BlackDynamite

    Just moved to Boulder, Co!

    Just moved to Boulder/Denver, Colorado! I have seen a couple of mkiii's around. I like ALL things car/4x4 related. If there are car meets or trail riding, I might be game. I was also a mechanic at one time and know mkiii's pretty well. I buy and sell cars, Though, I'm recovering from a...
  2. BlackDynamite

    Shuto Kousoku Trial 3 / Freeway Speedway

    I know this is a repeat, but worth a repost... :]
  3. BlackDynamite

    Celica Supra Hyrdolics?

    I laugh every time i see this video, and i know it's gotta be a repost....... :aigo: And i noticed after the video, that is was just a Celica....Not a Celica Supra.... :C
  4. BlackDynamite

    Mkiii supra Initial D

    I know it's nothing special, but something about a supra, ALWAYS catches my eye....:yikes: A 89+ with some Super Advan wheels passes the gas station at 5:32
  5. BlackDynamite

    Utah, i need some parts! :o

    I posted this in the WTB section, but i figure i could try to expand my search area. If this is not kosher with the Mod, I'll be happy to remove. ;] I also plan on removing the thread after this weekend ;] I'm rolling through SLC this weekend(06/17/2011) and it's really the only big town...
  6. BlackDynamite

    Project "Across The U S Of A"

    Well, I'd like to say that I've had a Few Supra's and.....worked on a bunch. LOL Me buying a supra is nothing new, but me buying one on the other side of the United States is. I lived in Dothan, Alabama my whole life and I moved to Telluride Colorado. I'm up visiting my aunt In Lakeview...
  7. BlackDynamite

    CKY Dummy + Supra=Pissed Off Driver

    Not a big Bam or CKY fan, but i came across this randomly. Probably a repost :] Supra at 30 seconds.
  8. BlackDynamite

    Random Supra? :]

    I was watching this video of a s30 and spotted a supra at 28 seconds. :D
  9. BlackDynamite

    Abs!? Who needs brakes.... :[

    OK, so i just completed the rebuild on my 89, NA. The motor start up was good, and everything was running great. I take it out for a spin. I hit the brakes, and the pedal went straight to the floor. Pulled it back in, and it started running, i revved it up some and it cleared...
  10. BlackDynamite

    Idle Issues :[

    Ok, i just got through rebuilding a 89 targa NA auto. New everything except the injectors, alternator(from a 89 turbo), and the fuel damper (From a 89 turbo). The car runs and drives BEAUTIFULLY! But the idle tends to jump around. It normally idles around 1500 rpm.(Checked timing, 10º at...
  11. BlackDynamite

    Tps difference? Wtf

    ok, i have my daily 87 supra with a 7M-GE, that has been converted to manual, but is still running the auto ECU. Well the TPS was broken for a while and i decided to fix it by replacing it with another on from a junkyard. SO i came across a 88 that had a clean Throttle-Body with TPS. I...
  12. BlackDynamite

    My 4th SUPRA! :D

    Ok, so i heard a rumor from a friend of a friend and came across a supra for 300$. He said it had BHG and drove fine before. SO i'm like, WHY not!? I just got it to my other shop, and i'm gonna pull the motor tomorrow. It's a 89, N/A, Auto, Targa, ABS. I always like doing pictures and junk...
  13. BlackDynamite

    Timing, Timing, and More $)(#&)(#&$_(%#_($* Timing

    OK, so i've trying to figure out the sputter and i bought a reman distributor. Ok, so every time i've rebuilt a 7m, i never get the timing Dead on the first time, but enough playing with it,i eventually get it. Well, I got the new distributor in and noticed the mechanical timing was off a cog...
  14. BlackDynamite

    sputter hesitation.

    I bought the car, and it's been running great. i replaced headgasket, arps 80 Ft/lps, exhaust gasket, intake, no cat, new o2, bought used w58 and new slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder, brake master cylinder, new toyota flywheel, oem clutch, ehaust manifold, new exhaust gaskets. Took care...
  15. BlackDynamite

    alternator rattle noise

    Well, lately I've noticed an un-synchronized(random) tapping noise from under the hood at start up. SO i investigate. I thought it might be the top end, but i did more investigating and the noise is coming from the alternator. I haven't noticed any voltage spikes or drops indicating that the...
  16. BlackDynamite

    Exhaust+white smoke=smells like brake fluid!?

    OK! This is not a blown head gasket. Here's the story. Every once in a while, my brake master cylinder will have low brake fluid. I assumed that this was because i had a small leak somewhere. NO problem, could fix later. 2 Days ago the brake light came on and i did the usual. Fill HER...
  17. BlackDynamite

    running rich, Fuel Dampener thing broked?

    Ok, well my car has been running rich lately and fouling out plugs, and i was doing some looking around on the fuel rail. I took the cap off of an item, which is some type of fuel dampener on the back side of the fuel rail, and noticed that it had a tiny screw in the middle that had come out...
  18. BlackDynamite

    HardCore Oldschool T-yota Truck!

    Sorry random...Saw this and had to take motha- effin picture! THe trailer was at least 3 times bigger than the truck...
  19. BlackDynamite

    Slim in radiator...i feel a BHG coming upon.

    yep... i have a metal head gasket and rough start up. then when fan kicks on it stops and runs fine. losing water slowly. re torqued the arps to 85. still same problem. though the plugs are fowling out, especially number 2, oil leaks past spark plugs. no codes. ran like a beast when i did...
  20. BlackDynamite

    weird shuddering/rough startup/bad gas mileage

    Well recently, my car has started running rich and had a rough startup(and getting bad gas mileage). Well it's been running pretty good, still have the waterfall effect, and the rough idle goes away when the fan kicks in. Well i went on a 20 mile run and back to a nearby city. Ran GREAT...