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  1. TTsupra


    i dont know if this is normal i didnt do it on my 7mgte but when my friend bought his turbo supra i tested it out and when i hit the gas and was going fairly fast a greyish to white smoke was coming out the exhaust so i let go of the gas and it stop... would it be that water got into the engine?
  2. TTsupra


    i seen a couple of lexus swaps 2jzge but y would sumone put a 1UZ v8 on a supra? doesnt that takes away the true supra idea?
  3. TTsupra


    so in short words if i want way more than the average mk3 i should swap a 2jzgte but if i want good power not super hp i can go for 7m rite? ima planning on selling the stock 2jzge and just get 7m its easier to swap
  4. TTsupra


    i got a 90 supra shell i bought it like that. i got a 2jzge im bout to converted into a turbo. does the 2jzge has the same dimensions as the gte? i have to use 1jz bellhousing and the r154 tranny wit the driveshaft? that means i dont have to pound the firewall rite cuz im installing a single...
  5. TTsupra

    2jz ge

    i was wondering if u can convert a 2jzge in to a TURBO becouse i got 2jz laying around i seen one converted but im not sure how they did it i wanna see if its cheaper to converted or buy a 2jzgte. :aigo:
  6. TTsupra

    bye bye supra

    2 days i ago i got pull over for stupid reason becouse my turn signal were white not yellow so they check my supra and found out that im driving wit non license so the cops took my car away tow it i loved that car 87 supra turbo converted in to a 91 supra :dunno::(::bhg:::: no ::
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    turbo boost

    hey guys whats the ct26 turbo psi limit? i got at 10psi rite now :evil2:
  8. TTsupra

    ball bearing

    is there a diff in size clutch ball bearing from a 87 turbo trany and a 91 turbo trany?
  9. TTsupra

    supra meets

    hey guys wher are the supra meets in norcal?:aigo:
  10. TTsupra

    3 stage clucth stock pressure plate

    hey guys i was wondering if i can put a stage 3 clutch on a stock pressure plate and stock ball bearing and another thing i heard ther sizes on the ball bearing wa size is the best for my clutch? :)
  11. TTsupra


    HEY GUYS HOW U doing my name is omar im new to this i just got my second supra but this one is turbo dam is way faster!!! lol :biglaugh: