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  1. Kai

    So - what's everyone got planned for the holidays?

    Personally, i'm spending it in Guernsey with my gorgeous partner - got all my presents bar a load of chocolate for the grandparents and in-laws :) The one thing i'm dreading, is the inevitably dry, flavourless turkey that i'll be presented with and have to feign interest in :D
  2. Kai

    So - what's your take on the whole Russia / Ukraine / Crimea situation?

    I'm paying very close attention to the news (as should all of you), because i think we're about to witness the resurrection of the Cold War for at least as long as Putin and Medvedev control Russia. There's pressure from the general public here to act, but just as much to NOT act. Ukraine...
  3. Kai

    Stock 7M coil packs - dwell data needed

    As subject says really - i've restarted the igniter project with Geoff, and if anyone has data regarding the dwell time in milliseconds, it'd be much appreciated!
  4. Kai

    Sound Performance / Precision 5557 Bolt on turbo - thoughts/opinions? Now that, looks like an interesting upgrade. Price is good, and precision, to my knowledge have a good reputation. Question is - in the images, it looks like the water feed bolts up to it as...
  5. Kai

    Do i give up, or continue onwards? basic gist is, should i give up on my Mk3 or not. Here's the build thread for it.: Also explains some of the background of the car, too. Now, it starts, runs and...
  6. Kai

    How to deal with an unsatisfied buyer?

    Okay - rundown of the situation is.... I sold one of my Supra's the other week, to someone for £700. Originally it was advertised for £750. I did them a favour since I knew them a bit, and knocked fifty off the price. Now, it was very clearly explained that the car had no MOT or Tax, and...
  7. Kai

    Valve Clearances & Performance

    Been searching for a definitive answer to this, but...say the valve clearances are out of spec - either too tight, or too loose, what sort of symptoms & impact does this have? I'm guessing poor acceleration & throttle response as well as ticking noise?
  8. Kai

    1996 Volkswagen Polo 1.4

    Thought i should post a build thread on this, seeing as i tend to do more work on this, than on either of the Supras! This has become part of my 'collection' just before christmas, thanks to a friend of mine. It was abandoned by his ex-wifes brothers girlfriend, and she washed her hands of...
  9. Kai

    Ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear weapon detonated near where you live?

    If so, now you can simulate it - thanks to Nukemap :D
  10. Kai

    Any Linux people around?

    Okay, i hate to admit it, but i've got almost zero experience with Linux. I tried it as an OS a while back, and it was unintuitive, complicated and frustrating. It was like trying to drink coffee wearing a blindfold and boxing gloves - it made NO sense and i got in a mess. So, unfortunately...
  11. Kai

    Ever wondered what a Torque Converter does? Watch this and get educated! Brilliantly simple, explained in clear terms. Thanks to the US Army, 1953.
  12. Kai

    If ever there were a reason to play the lottery....this is it.

    Screw buying a house - i want one of these: Bear in mind...this one is the BABY: -- and yes, the 880hp twin turbo v12 custom supercar is part of the $24,000,000 asking price. The middle of the range...
  13. Kai

    ...yeaaaaah....i'll just leave this here O.o (NWS!!!)

    I like big girls....but...err.. You've probably seen the demotivational poster about it, but here's the original article...i have to ask though, what was he going down on her with, a stepladder and a snorkel?? :nono:
  14. Kai

    Adjusting the E-Brake (Handbrake) Shoes

    This is going to sound horribly stupid, and with what tools, are you supposed to adjust these? BR-45, Step 9, in the TSRM, is incredibly vague and gives very little details on how to accomplish this. The shoes have 1.5mm of material left on them, and look reasonably new. I just...
  15. Kai

    Igniter Schematics

    Has anyone got a schematic of the internals of the igniter, at all? I have yet another project in mind...
  16. Kai

    ATF Questions...

    So, my Blue DD Auto is behaving strangely, transmission wise. Seems sluggish at light throttle, but will happily take off like a stabbed rat if i give it more throttle (not stomping, clean movement to the floor). It doesn't seem to slip as the engine speed increases with RPM's but at slow...
  17. Kai

    A340E Basic Rebuild kit

    Was looking at this on eBay - how comprehensive is this, and would it be enough to do a proper enough, but basic job? And secondly, is it something that's doable in your garage with the right tools, as the manuals make it...
  18. Kai

    Oil Pressure Sender Questions

    Mainly just for clarification, but....what size is the thread on the sender (1/8 BSP-28tpi(?)), and what size wrench is needed to get a firm grip on it? I'm looking at getting a 14mm crowsfoot for the ratchet i have, and i seem to remember a 14mm being mentioned as the size of the sender...
  19. Kai

    England Ablaze I honestly don't know what to think. I have friends of mine telling me they're barricading themselves indoors, arming themselves with cricket bats, kitchen knives & blunt objects - it's getting MAD out...
  20. Kai

    2JZ Alternative Valve Shims

    I can now confirm that Ford Zetec-E valve shims are 27.5mm in diameter, the same as stock 2JZ shims. Only the solid lifter variant uses shims. They cost considerably less, too. Zetec-E engines were found in European Market Ford Mondeo's, and possibly US Market Ford Contours (rebadged Mondeo)...