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    Shop in SoCal for engine swap

    Does anyone know a good mechanic/shop in the SoCal area for a complete swap? (7mge to 7mgte)
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    Car jerks when accelerting

    Supra has been jerking when accelerating hard or quickly. If I keep my foot on the gas pedal and very slowly gain speed, the jerking won't happen. This also happens intermittently and regardless of what gear I'm in. I've already replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter. Any other ideas? 87 Supra...
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    A/C Issue - No Power to Compressor/No Cold Air

    My car has had no A/C for the past 4 years. There was no pressure in the system or any oil in the compressor before hand. I flushed all the lines. I replaced the drier, all the o-rings, expansion valve, and added 4.1 oz of mineral oil to the compressor. I ran a vacuum on it for 1hr and then let...
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    Is this an exhaust leak?

    Update: I figured out the problem. I checked out the exhaust manifold and its connection to the side of the engine and all the nuts were loose. Fastened them up real quick and it did the job. Thanks guys! Hey guys. I've been hearing this sound for quite a while now. I think it's an exhaust...
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    Oil all over spark plugs

    Hey guys, I have an 87 N/A. The car runs fine but recently I've been smelling a lot of burning engine oil. I pulled out a couple spark plugs and they had oil all over them. Could that be indicating a BHG? The engine almost sounds like a lawn mower. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with...