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    I have 7M-GE with the original head gasket at 171K miles!?!?!?!?

    My 1987 MA70 Supra with a stock 7M-GE auto has 171K miles on the original head gasket. That has to be a world record right? :aigo: hahaha It's got a tiny leak in the head but it hasn't blown or overheated to this day. I have a W58, mk3 clutch pedal, and driveshaft sitting in my garage...
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    300 hp and 300 torque

    I hate how underrated 7M-GE's are just because its an NA motor. I am also planning on doing my 7M-GE build in the near future. Sure it doesn't have much aftermarket support like 7M turbos and JZ motors but with a fully built 7M-GE, i don't see why 300+ hp isn't achievable. And if I can build an...
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    Driveline Vibration

    My 87 NA has the same problem. The mount is busted completely and I can't find an aftermarket Center Bearing and the Toyota Dealership wants $320 for it. :3d_frown: