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  1. 87 supra king

    base tune

    Does anyone have a base tune for a 2jz vvti that I could load onto a ECUmaster ecu?
  2. 87 supra king

    Timing a 2jzgte w/ VVTI

    Hey Guys, I just put new rings in a 2jzgte w/ VVTI. I timed the motor but when I go to do the compression test I get no compression. I have the VVTI cam gear set all the way to the left (CCW). I'm almost certain that I get no compression b/c the intake is open when it shouldn't be. Does...
  3. 87 supra king

    power seat removal

    So I am swapping a 1987 power seat to a 1989 car does anyone know if they wiring harnesses underneath the seats different from year to year ? Also the smaller of the two wiring harness plug is stuck in the socket and I do not want to break it off. If any one has had experience or tips please share.
  4. 87 supra king

    HELP Please

    Okay so heres the story. I was driving minding my own business when some guy made a left in front of me hit head on going about 45 mph my beautiful MK3 with only 55,000 on it is totalled but the insurance company wants to lowball me and give me almost no money for it. I was wondering if anyone...
  5. 87 supra king

    Dyno off a smarthphone

    So my friends smart phone has a accelerometer on it and it calculates the horsepower of a car I think it is decently accurate it said I have 270 hp to the wheels and 396 lbs of torque my mods are a rebuilt 7mgte with 20 over pistons an k and n intake a downpipe and hks dagger no cats...
  6. 87 supra king

    Drift motion 7MGTE inercooler kit

    I was wondering if anyone had the Drift motion 7MGTE intercooler kit installed. If so how do you like it, how did it fit ?
  7. 87 supra king

    Running more boost and fuel mods

    I know its is recommended that when running higher boost that you should have a walbro fuel pump and rc 550's . With this said what will happen if these mods are not made? How much boost is safe to run without these mods?
  8. 87 supra king

    Dyno in 18901

    Hey guys, I would love to be able to post my numbers and discuss them with you but I can not find a place to get my car dyno'd near Doylestown, Pa. If anyone knows of a good cheap place to go let me know.
  9. 87 supra king

    Tokico Struts

    Hey guys I am about to purchase Tokico Struts the Illumina 2's TEMs Does any one currently have them on thier car ? How does it ride and have you had any problems ?
  10. 87 supra king

    Alarm / brake light

    I have a 1987 7MGTE and everytime i try to unlock my driver side door the alarm goes off. Also the brake light on the gague cluster that comes on when you pull the e-brake stays on all the time. Does anyone know how to solve these problems ?
  11. 87 supra king

    ChinaMan Vband Exhaust 3" Supra

    Does any one current have a ChinaMan Vband Exhaust on their car? I was wondering if they are junk or worth the $350. Im looking to get some rumble out of it because the stock setup is very quiet. If anyone owns one please let me know what you think of it.
  12. 87 supra king

    Question about retorquing bolts on HG

    I have heard that you should get the bolts retorqued after a few thousand miles. My engine was just rebuilt and about to be placed back into my car. If you know anything about this please help me out.
  13. 87 supra king

    BHG- Arp Head bolts or studs?

    Hey i just blew a head gasket and was wonder what is recommended the ARP head bolts or the head studs ?
  14. 87 supra king

    need advice for rebuilding motor

    Hey everyone i am rebuilding my 7mgte and I am wondering how much more performance I will get out of Brian Crower cams with 30 bore over pistons? What are the benefits of the different cams. I am also replacing the head gasket with a hks 2 mm with ARP head bolts.What else would you suggest for...
  15. 87 supra king

    New From PA

    Hey i drive a 87 red supra turbo with targa top I heard about this site from a local guy at a wawa in plumstead