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  1. Abe's 1987

    What has the world come to!!!!

    Here's my rant. If you have any virus not just the COVID-19 just stay the hell home. The world can still spin without you. Your not that special that everyone in the world wants to see you. And there should have been a travel ban world wide. No one allowed in or out no matter citizen or not. You...
  2. Abe's 1987

    Building up my youtube channel

    I know this may sound cliche but if everyone could help me build my youtube channel up that would be great. Also not to sound like a broken record but it would help for this awesome supra community to subscribe, watch my videos, like my videos, comment on the videos, and finally hit that bell...
  3. Abe's 1987

    Thinking about learning to ride!!!

    I've been thinking for awhile of learning to ride a motorcycle. I've always loved the Suzuki motorcycles! Will be going to the local classes not but 20 mins from my place. I know I shouldnt start on a more powerful bike so I was thinking of the suzuki gsxr600. Any advice! Thoughts...
  4. Abe's 1987

    Crazy music videos!!!!

    Post crazy, weird, out of this world music videos. I'll start off with this one
  5. Abe's 1987

    Need advice on trunk canopy refinish

    So my current canopy is tore to shreds. I disassembled the canopy and took the material part to a couple uphostry places to get price quotes as the rest of the canopy (casing and retractor) are in good condition. They want anywhere between $80 to $120 to reupholstry it. But here is the catch...
  6. Abe's 1987

    Mk3 frame difference in years

    I know the mk3 had may differences in the pre 89 and post 89 in exterior body parts, interior parts, and some engine parts. But if there was let's say a 88 and a 89 both setting side by side stripped down to the frame would there be any differences in those frames? Or lets say even a 86.5 next...
  7. Abe's 1987

    Rebuilding your old wornout wire harness diy

    I figured I'd actually contribute to the community and actually post a diy thread. Since my alternator wiring was all a mess I needed to fix it. The wiring got brittle and started breaking right at the connector. I just really wanted to keep the old connector and pins so I decided to rewire the...
  8. Abe's 1987

    Is it just me or has the tsrm changed??????

    It seems the tsrm site has changed to non turbo only or is it just me?
  9. Abe's 1987

    Your job title!!!

    Sounds kind of like a personal question but it is interesting to find out what others do for a living. List your job title and main duties of your job. If you work for a company or own your own company. Any other Information you would like to add as in dream job, working for promotion, soon to...
  10. Abe's 1987

    Difference in 7M-GTE AFM's?

    So I'm seeing two different part numbers for the afm's 22204-42011 and 22204-42010. What's the difference in both off these. The two parts look identical. Do they function the same? Are the pinouts the same? And do they give out the same ohms reading.
  11. Abe's 1987

    Where to buy the jdm front side markers

    I am searching around for the jdm front side markers and can't find anyone with a set of them sold separately from the front clip. It is the orange ones with the bump on them that comes on the jza70. If anyone has them I'll take them at the right price.
  12. Abe's 1987

    Help! Supra doesn't run right

    Here is my situation. My 1987 turbo idles erratically between 1000 to 2000 rpm. When i try to rev up its like it hits fuel cut at 3000 rpm and won't rev past 3000 rpm. So far I've tested tps, iacv, vacuum system, timing, and afm. All seems to be within specs. Ive checked to make sure my spark...