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  1. kotu100

    AEM v1 Injector and Ignition Phasing... In need of HELP

    I'm running the 1zz coils in waste spark on a 7mgte with AEM v1. If you want to e-mail me a copy of your .cal file I can take a look.
  2. kotu100

    Red Supra build 500~WHP

    Same thing has been happening to me.... Did it when I had the lipp bracket and it does it now with my beech bracket. Can't figure it out.
  3. kotu100

    Blinker voltage drop

    Thanks for the suggestion. I actually rewired the ground for the fuel pump altogether to eliminate that possibility. I'm pretty sure the issue is the alternator, it got better with a parts store replacement but the voltage still jumps when a load is put on the electrical system. I think I...
  4. kotu100

    Blinker voltage drop

    Just check it and battery volts with key off only jumps from 12.5 to 12.48-12.49 with the blinker on and the fuel pump doesn't fluctuate. With car running volts is jumping from 14.5-15 with the blinker on. This is with a new carquest alt. I have no problem starting the car, my issue lies in...
  5. kotu100

    Distance between 7M and shock tower?

    It's about 10.5" from the side of the head right where the valve cover sits to the inside of the shock tower.
  6. kotu100

    Blinker voltage drop

    Been trying to trouble shoot this for a couple weeks now unsuccessfully. When i turn my blinker on i can hear my AEM fuel pump fluctuating with the blinker but it doesn't happen with the hazards. Also the parking brake light on the dash dims with the blinker but not the hazards. I've...
  7. kotu100

    Kotu's bye bye ct26 build

    Maiden voyage went ok, car died in the middle of a major intersection thanks for a defective relay holder not supplying power to my fuel pump relay. I feel like i'm still having an electrical issue. When i turn my blinker on the parking brake light dims a lot. but when i turn my hazards on it...
  8. kotu100

    Stumbling at 5psi

    Check the hose from the pump to hanger tube for leaks. Make sure the system is pressurized when you check.
  9. kotu100

    Distance between 7M and shock tower?

    I'll measure mine for you after work. Keep in mind the engine mounts will allow for small amounts of side to side play so my measurements may not match yours exactly when your engine is in.
  10. kotu100

    Kotu's bye bye ct26 build

    Got super busy with working on the car I completely forgot to update you guys. Lets see if i can pick up where i left off. Soda blasted the engine bay underside of fender wells got 2 coats of chassis saver. This stuff is super glossy and goes on real easy. This was brushed on...
  11. kotu100

    89 GTE Random Starting issue

    Chances are it's the crispy cps wiring that's causing the issue. You could also double check the air gaps against tsrm spec to make sure everything spec's out. Glad you got it running again.
  12. kotu100

    89 GTE Random Starting issue

    If the tach doesn't move when cranking it's the CPS. Your code 14 leads me to believe its the CPS as well.
  13. kotu100

    Red Supra build 500~WHP

    Great progress so far, looks like a solid foundation for a nice car.
  14. kotu100


    Holy shit guy where did you come from.
  15. kotu100

    Kotu's bye bye ct26 build

    Didn't meet my priming deadline, the work is a bit more time consuming than originally anticipated. The weather around me isn't ideal for painting either, would rather not risk it lifting in the future because i sprayed it too cold. Good news, I've been expanding my tool collection and just...
  16. kotu100

    So many options to choose from. MS3? Haltech? AEM? Something else?

    What is the best pricing on the ms3pro? From what I can find online and a quote I've gotten for an infinity already there's basically no price difference. Does the ms3pro have all the failsafes of the infinity? I'm currently running the AEM V1 and shopping for an upgrade so I can run flex...
  17. kotu100

    Wiring harness question

    Looks like the ground lead from the battery. Ground goes from batt to chassis and engine block. Positive has a wire going into the harness and one to the starter.
  18. kotu100


    Hey Joel, welcome to the Mania!
  19. kotu100

    The diamond in the rough. 1991 blue metallic turbo targa restoration

    Booooooo! J/k glad to see the quick progress!