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  1. kotu100

    Blinker voltage drop

    Been trying to trouble shoot this for a couple weeks now unsuccessfully. When i turn my blinker on i can hear my AEM fuel pump fluctuating with the blinker but it doesn't happen with the hazards. Also the parking brake light on the dash dims with the blinker but not the hazards. I've...
  2. kotu100

    Oil pump driveshaft failure

    I swear this car is cursed, or just flat out hates my guts. I'm on the verge of solving my electrical gremlins and this shit happens. Not really sure what to do about this, engine is fresh built with maybe 5k miles on it. Full rebuild with all new bearings at the bare minimum i suspect.
  3. kotu100

    Burning off some old tires
  4. kotu100

    Which MC pinion spacer for mk3 diff?

    Out of the 2 options on the site which do I need? The short one or the long one?
  5. kotu100

    Aem V1 coolant temp random spikes

    Been having this issue for a while, you can see it in the video. The coolant temp randomly spikes to over 200*F Not sure if this is just a faulty sensor or if its a wiring issue. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. kotu100

    7mgte head rockwell hardness

    I want to get my head tested to make sure its not annealed, the machine shop said they can test it for hardness but not sure what it should be. So my question is, what is an acceptable range to still be considered NOT annealed?
  7. kotu100

    Alternator not charging

    My alternator isn't putting a charge into the batt, it's a brand new alternator and the batt load tested good. It started when I did a hard pull earlier today. Swapped out the alternator with a known good one and still not charging. The yellow/green wire from the alt is getting 12v from the...
  8. kotu100

    Timing issues

    Today on the way to work i did a quick 1-2 pull and i felt a little bit of misfire at the higher rpm. After that the car startes bucking at cruising speed but smoothens out when i give it 20% throttle or more. I reset the base timing last night because my cps had moved a little bit. After i had...
  9. kotu100

    On the dyno after 2 years. *vid inside*
  10. kotu100

    4 Gauge for batt relocation?

    Some of you guys might have seen me bitching lately about the shop i brought my car to and all the issue that have arisen since. Anywaaaaaay, this is just another thing i found the other day so i wanted to run it by u guys here. I bought a batt relocation kit from summit...
  11. kotu100

    Ffim catch can advice.

    7mgte catch can setup with ffim My car just had a bunch of stuff done at a local shop. One of the things they did was the catch can setup. Currently the lines are going right from the valve covers to the catch can. I asked them to put a fitting on my intake pipe, run a line from there to the...
  12. kotu100

    Supra meet @ Dynotech Seekonk, MA 8/25

    This meet was put together over on SF, wanted to post it over here so maybe we can get a decent showing for the MKIII Supra. I'll be there a lil before 11am probably, and will be dynoing my car. If you'd like to dyno your car it would be $75 for 3 pulls. Please let me know ahead of time so I...
  13. kotu100

    Another low miler for sale looks to be in damn good condition, $25k is a bit steep tho lol.
  14. kotu100

    Guess my dyno numbers

    Car is just getting finished up now, will be getting tuned in 2 week so i wanted to get your guys' predictions on what it'll do on the dyno. 7mgte 9.5:1 JE pistons Crower rods 1mm OS valves stock head and cams precision 63mm cx racing exhaust mani 46mm Tial wastegate ks racing FFIM...
  15. kotu100

    Wicked C.A.S open house May 12

    I'm gonna try n make it up tomorrow for a few hours to check progress on my car and watch some dyno runs. Hope to see some other mkiii owners there.
  16. kotu100

    Poor leakdown test

    I put this in my build thread as well but i know some of you dont read those so i'm posting it here as well. If you mods dont like feel free to delete. Weekend before last i brought the car to a shop in kingston NH to get finished up and tuned. Today i made a trip up to drop of a couple...
  17. kotu100

    Head shim

    Today i got the head off my BHG'd motor and it had been repaired before. Whoever did it probably machined the head because they used a shim. My question is, how does the shim seal to the block being that its just flat sheet metal? it looked like the exhaust from the combustion chamber was...
  18. kotu100

    89 hardtop 32k miles $5k on CL

    Just saw this on my local CL, this is not 100% mint but its damn clean and only 32k miles!!!! Yea its auto n/a, but iirc there was an auto n/a selling on ebay not too long ago with low miles but was like $10k plus. Again this is NOT my car...
  19. kotu100

    Precision 880cc injector seals

    Tried putting my 880cc injectors on today, but im missing the o-rings. What size replacements do i need for stock 7m fitment? Thanks
  20. kotu100

    7m to 2j mani... Why not?

    I know theres like one of these threads made every month asking if the 2 mani will bolt on the 7m. Then a few comments of "you can cut the runners and weld them together, but its a hackjob." How come no one has made a decent 7m to 2j intake manifold adaptor? Seems like it would be super cheap...