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  1. atmperformance

    BW EFR owners who uses a turbo speed sensor?

    I'm looking for what people are using for a speed sensor for their turbos, i mention Borg warner EFR series because they come pre-machined for easily installation of such a sensors but they can be added to other turbos. seems the sensor is easy to come by and i'm thinking about trying to get it...
  2. atmperformance

    Adrian's EFR 7163 7M Projects

    Background: I started this project over a year ago. Found a neglected 88 Turbo 5 speed that had been sitting for 2 years listed for $1000. I check out the car, there's a R154, ct26 with very little shaft play, a fairly clean underbody (i think it's been on stock suspension it's whole like), a...
  3. atmperformance

    Yellow plug ECU terminal pins source

    I ran a search and didn't come up source for early year toyota ECU terminal pins. I'm mid process in re wiring my knock sensor but the only part i have not been able to source are Pins to re-pin the 2 wires on my yellow plug 18 pin connector. Would anyone know what the specifications on these...
  4. atmperformance

    wire gauge for CPS?

    I tried searching google and the forums but couldn't find an answer. Anyone know what gauge the wires to the CPS are? I want to say 18 or 16 but I'm not sure and I'm looking to pick up SXL wires to rewire mine.
  5. atmperformance

    what soft line kits are you using with ct26?

    I've been battling with a leaking oil soft line kit for months, my car has been running but it keeps pooling oil over the weekdays. I've now taken the turbo off 5 times (i wish that was an exaggeration).trying to find the issue. The first time it leaked i had a cheap ebay kit i quickly ditched...
  6. atmperformance

    recommended machine shops in the bay area (east bay)

    I'm all set to rebuild my bottom end 7m-gte. A local shop quoted me around $550 for the bottom end work which is fine however since they mostly do domestics they don't have a torque plate. In fact no shop I've talk to has one. So should i wait to rent a plate or find a shop with one or since i'm...