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  1. mxxmikexx

    monroe hatch supports?

    I can't believe my original 32 year old toyota hatch supports have finally given way. I will be emailing toyota to complain about the durability of these ;-) anyone use the MONROE 901455 shocks for the rear hatch? I've seen threads mentioning the SACHS SG229017(18) but couldn't find any info...
  2. mxxmikexx

    another mk3 junkie

    whats up everyone! I havent been on here in about 10 years ....... long time mk3 owner here. brief history , I am the 3rd owner of this supra turbo targa. The car was bought brand new by one of larry (from sound performance) friends back in 1988, it was then sold to another guy, and then I...
  3. mxxmikexx

    original C's shifter replacement seat?

    i have an original C's shifter (circa 1998) in my r154, the nylon seat bushing has completely dried and cracked to dust. does anyone know where to possibly find a replacement? i tried using an oem toyota one for now, but it doesnt fit right and is way to tight in there. any ideas?
  4. mxxmikexx

    Please not another popped head gasket.........weird temp issues yesterday!

    summary... owned my sup for 14 years. i know the tell tale signs of popped head gasket.:icon_evil just took my supra out of storage this summer after its been parked for almost 8 years, only driven occasionally in those 8 years (like 40 miles a summer) , did a auto to 5 speed swap, clutch...
  5. mxxmikexx

    r154 popping out of 1st

    so i just got done converting my auto to a manual this summer with a used r154. everything was working fine until yesterday when it started popping out of 1st as soon as you let the clutch out. 2nd gear works fine. from what ive started researching the r154 is notorious for the thrust washer and...
  6. mxxmikexx

    new member, oldtime supra enthusist

    Found this forum on the "other" supra forums and I have found some really great info on here along with some awesome mk3 builds. As for myself, I bought my 88' mk3 turbo back in 96' when it had a Fcon,FCD,EVC,upgraded ct-26, spearco, 3" d-pipe and exhaust, custom 3300 stall converter and got...