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  1. josbeat

    help needed for rear diff parts

    Hello i need to buy a set of ring and pinion to my rear differential can i use this set?? for my next proyect i will have an engine with the rev limit over 10.500 rpm so i need a short gear ratios thanks!
  2. josbeat

    in your opinion what is the best light option?? different than the stocks

    option 1 only one high and low 50 mm proyector on each side option 2 two 50 mm proyector , two low beam and two high beam option 3 same as option 2 but flush monted with a clear plastic cover like this.
  3. josbeat

    maybe the best 7Mgte for track use.

    here i will post what i consider the best 7M we can build for track use every day i miss that egine it dide and the reason was a piece of paper into the engine bloked one of the oil lines ( thanks to a one of my friends who only want to help) the list of things are: 7Mgte block decked to have...
  4. josbeat

    another supra victory 1991
  5. josbeat

    some Supra wining videos

    nice supra chassis setup
  6. josbeat

    Urgent lubrication question

    hi! ok I have the dry sump sytem working with crank scraper and Pauter rods how is the pistons lubricated and cylinder walls? the pauter rods dont have the oil hole on the side , the scraper clean the crankshaft of oil and the oil jets only work at certain oil pressure so .... how ????
  7. josbeat

    Problem with arp studs

    Hi! I just instaling a new ARP studs kit but I can not fit the nuts. I need to install the nuts with the washers before sit the head on ?? because with the studs installed first in the block then the nut won`t go inside , no space . anyone have the same problem?? how to do it correctly...
  8. josbeat

    I opened the engine question about..

    Here is how it looks after some races with the new combustion chambers desing
  9. josbeat

    TEIN FLEX + 18kg + 10 kg + helper spring

    check my building post page nº 11
  10. josbeat

    7mgte running too cool, thermostat help

    Ok i have modiffied my engine to run as coolest as possible and now I have problems!!! jejeje My mods are a double line routed from the back of the head, no turbo cooler line, inline thermostat housing with 80ºC BMW big thermostat on a upper radiator hose, Ebay bigger radiator cooler...
  11. josbeat

    help welding rear crossmember

    OK! I am looking if someone knows on how to weld the rear subframe or rear crossmember to the chassis and if is possible to do it?? I been looking the crossmember claerance with the chassis and I dont know if it will touch the frame just in the midle of the laterals. I am building an...
  12. josbeat

    LS2 coils and AEM EMS Map

    well I will keep here posting the advances on my set-up... 6 LS2 coils on batch fire with the 1º gen AEM EMS on a 7MGTE finally I got my engine runing with that base map Crank sensor - supra 87-92 turbo coil dwell wizar - vette ls2 coils but with the Coil dwell factor set at 2 ign...
  13. josbeat

    Quaife QBE69G on a Supra MK3 turbo

    Hi! here I will show how to fit a Sequential 6 gears dog box type Brad QUAIFE Moddel QBE69G rated over 750 HP heavy duty gearbox Price 6500 GBP aprox web page QUAIFE.CO.UK where a bought it CBRADLEYMOTORSPORT.CO.UK I been waiting for that gearbox.... allways problem with my R154 (2)...
  14. josbeat

    Supra Mk3 with Quaife gearbox

    HD video of my supra running on Ascari race track with engine problems the gearbox is a QBE69G endurance sequential gearbox 6 gears
  15. josbeat

    need help for track use

    Hi! I am building a track supra and here is the details of my suspension ST sway bars Tein Flex with edfc 1300 kg A1 rear camber links 0,5 negative camber rear 1 negative camber front (I am seeking for 2,5) 10" 265/660 18 front wheels 11" 285/660 18 rear megan racing outher rods I...
  16. josbeat

    best coil set up for 30 psi of boost

    I have an AEM EMS 1ª series I have a multiplexser off mod done with stock coils but I have problems with the coils over 20 psi will the IS300 coils good over 30 psi? or it will better to use de LS2 coils? or maybe other solution?? thanks in advance
  17. josbeat

    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    1300 Kg to 1100kg Track SUPRA project Hello everybody! I like to show my Spanish Supra I am trying to get 1300 kg (2870 lb) on a race ready Supra (FIA homologated street legal) with all the safety parts included, because without the roll cage for example I am under that weight. Like...
  18. josbeat

    ABS sensor like VSS SPEED .....

    Ok ! firts I`m not using the stock speedometer gauge second I`m not usind the stock gearbox and no ABS so I am trying to use one of the ABS sensor like the speed sensor on my AEM EMS I can use it on my new Digital dysplay but it will be my last option.... Like I am not very well due a...
  19. josbeat

    hello! A fast Supra From Spain

    Hi! everybody I am coming from Spain I have a Supra turbo road race ready I never stop upgrading my Supra.... I am addicted!! estimated Hp 700 weigth 1350 kg with semi slick tyres , 780kg front , 610kg rear pictures ---------- Post added at 04:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:55...