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    looking for little help japanese rims

    I am looking buy japanses wheels and to see if guy any can give little help with the wheel I am looking for 3piece or 2piece any other wheel 17inch or 18inch what offset that will look good with stock Suspension lightweight at list from 19 lbs to 25 lbs no more heigher work vs rays any japan...
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    need help fix fieberglass

    here what I am try to fix JDM visor it is the original it got broken in half so just want fix that can any one help me with this thanx
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    my 90 supra turbo build

    long ago I had an accident that almost destroyed it my mk3 supra was a little over a year ago and she leaves and I thought to do with my above came to me in the mind big project to repair it and make a change to the supra all this time i was left in the garage save everything possible to repair...