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  1. atmperformance

    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    Or a lsx engine with forced induction
  2. atmperformance

    maybe the best 7Mgte for track use.

    So neat to see so much work done to the 7m
  3. atmperformance

    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    I support you reducing more weight, I like a lot of your ideas with the exception of the radiator. The only way I see the radiator getting lighter is to make it smaller or really thin wall end tanks? I would look doing your windows way before putting to risk your cooling. Also is the flat floor...
  4. atmperformance

    air conditioning

    I took out my A/C because racecar, now i'm of the feeling even racecars want A/C 7m or not
  5. atmperformance

    Adrian's EFR 7163 7M Projects

    currently car is running again, has new subframe bushings, and alignment. 3" DP on but will come off soon for ceramic coating. The high mile ct26 was replaced with a balanced and rebuilt 54 trim which has brought the car alive. Looking forward to possibly having the much lighter EFR turbo on...
  6. atmperformance

    The Small Questions Thread

    Where can I order turbo oil return gaskets that go from the ct26 hard pipe to the block?
  7. atmperformance

    poly subframe bushings kit

    any update on my set?
  8. atmperformance

    New from the UK

    Take care of it and it will take care of you.
  9. atmperformance

    Alternator contact

    if that came loose i'd jucj the nit on the back of the hidge bolt that connects to the block. I've seen those get loose.
  10. atmperformance

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Stock springs on new koni's and mk4 wheels. I enjoy my right height but haven't driven it yet, I kicked a bolt somewhere in the flooded back yard that i need for my rear toe arm so it sits till i find a replacement
  11. atmperformance

    The Small Questions Thread

    where can i find a replacement castle nut for the front ball joint?
  12. atmperformance

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    installed my 140amp alt from ace alternators which i got shipped to my door for $114. It was listed for a cressida and dropped in with only mild tripping of the plastic ground shroud. The alt's now the cleanest looking thing in my engine bay so i'll show you what really has me excited. Steady...
  13. atmperformance

    BW EFR owners who uses a turbo speed sensor?

    I'm looking for what people are using for a speed sensor for their turbos, i mention Borg warner EFR series because they come pre-machined for easily installation of such a sensors but they can be added to other turbos. seems the sensor is easy to come by and i'm thinking about trying to get it...
  14. atmperformance

    1300 Kg Track SUPRA project

    I'm happy to see videos of this work of art racing. keep it up!
  15. atmperformance

    Ridiculous 1000HP 7M Street MK3 Build

    I love this build
  16. atmperformance

    lexus afm +550cc injector mod not working. using stock AFM housing.

    you can play with fuel pressure and the housing adjustment screw that will most likely be under epoxy.
  17. atmperformance

    lexus afm +550cc injector mod not working. using stock AFM housing.

    as someone that had the issue not long ago, yes it does retard timing. you'll be luckily to rev much over 4k as power just falls.
  18. atmperformance

    Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

    looks like not more than what you're do with a 2-3lb mallet. just like dropping a skyline drivetrain in a s13
  19. atmperformance

    Centralia or Bust! ......Delilahs build

    those bushings are a pain, good job.