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    TRD Shift Knob (Need a quick answer)

    Anyone know if this shift knob will fit the shifter of an R154 tranny?
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    AEM EMS back order

    I was all fired about having an AEM EMS installed and using the 2 step launch at the Supra meet the 18th but it looks like that's not going to happen. I have contacted a couple of places but they are all telling me the 87/88 units are on back order. I plan to be there and race if my AFM holds...
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    Temp Gauge Sensor broke

    My temp gauge sensor crumbled when I went to remove it last night leaving the threads and internal shell still in the lower thermostat housing. Is there any way to get it out? I imagine I'll have to replace the whole housing.
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    Backfires when shifting

    I have the Lexus 550 setup and a Bosch 110 BOV. My engine occasionally backfires when shifting gears (normal driving), but doesn’t backfire when decellerating while the car is in gear. Would changing the decel setting on my SAFC II at lower rpm help?
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    What causes high cooling system pressure?

    The upper and lower hose pressure is such that I cannot squeeze them even a little bit when the car is running, or even a good while after it is shut off. I have coolant leaks appear in a different place every week. Could it be the head gasket? I had the block decked and the head checked out...
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    CPS delima

    I've noticed that cam position sensors are getting harder to find. Seems there has always been one or two on ebay, but I haven't seen any in a month or so and mine just died. It was an ebay item and lasted about 2 years. Anyone know a good place to get a good one at an average price? I don't...
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    Crankcase vent kit

    Does anyone make a crankcase ventilation kit that is proven? I need one (a good one) and don't have time to piece one together.
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    R154 Shifting characteristics

    I just did a tranny swap and had it rebuilt, but I still have the problem of it not going into gear sometimes. I took it back to the guy and let him drive it, but his grandpa shifting proved no problems (forward slowly, over to the right slowly, and then forward slowly). He said shifting at a...
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    Oil in R154 bell housing

    Had my engine rebuilt and have only run it 500 miles. I found a good bit of (dark) oil in the bottom of the bell housing, so I took it back and told them it had a rear main seal leak. They looked, but there is no oil on the flywheel or clutch cover, so they suspect it is running down from the...