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  1. NTRA08

    Buying shocks but need reviews

    Who all is using the Bilstein 3-way adjustable shock absorbers from driftmotion? Pics and reviews please.
  2. NTRA08

    Texas Peoples

    If you are in the great state of Texas lets see those names and cars. Sorry about that here is 2 pics of my car 1991 Turbo
  3. NTRA08


    I'm fixing to get a 2JZGE for a really good price and I was wondering what all is needed to make it like a gte? Internals wise.
  4. NTRA08


    First off I have no idea if I put this post in the right area. Someone please fix it if its wrong. Okay then I'm looking at rims right now and I need some advice on which of the two rims look better. I will go with the highest vote. Because I like them both. I know they are cheap rims but...
  5. NTRA08

    The little yellow mustache build.

    Here is my 1991 supra turbo. I have already built it. But I was asked to post some pics so here they are. I will post more pics when I find my camera. And when I decide to do more stuff. INFO: 1991 supra turbo. 1.2mm hks stopper mhg. .020 nippon pistons. 12 miles on the motor after...
  6. NTRA08

    18" rims

    I'm going to purchase a set rims next week and I was wanting to know what is the best style to go on a white mk3. I was thinking 18's with a gold center and a chrome lip. Either 5 spoke, split 5, or split 6. What do you think. Could you post some pics. All I can find are cheap ching...
  7. NTRA08

    new paint job

    I'm fixing to get a new paint job done for doing some sheetrock work on a friend's body shop. I'm going to go back to white. But I'm thinking about going with a flake. What you guys think about a red oxide flake. Other suggestions are welcome.
  8. NTRA08

    I thought this was a little funny
  9. NTRA08

    Not firing right

    I was going to a buddy's house monday and my car was starting to get on empty. When I got to his house the car sounded like it was misfiring a little bit. Well This has happened to me before. So I did what I did last time. I changed the spark plugs. Did that and it still sounds like shit...
  10. NTRA08

    6-speed MKIV in a MKIII

    I was wondering if I would be able to put the 6 speed from the mkIV supras into my MKIII. With the 7M. Would I have to do some modifications to the bellhousing to get the shifter to line up right? All comments are welcome. Excfept for the old man. You know who I'm talking about. J/K
  11. NTRA08

    Good Idea or Bad

    I've been wanting to reroute the fuel neck to behind the liscense plate like the old firebirds. I'm just wondering if anybody else has tried it. And what others might think.
  12. NTRA08

    I told you so

    A 1987 supra turbo with a T70 turbo I just finished building. I keep telling my friend Frank that he shouldn't drink and drive and drive drunk. Because one day it wil come and bite him in the ass when he is least expecting it. But who would listen to someone with experience. Tonight he came...
  13. NTRA08

    Where are the people from Texas?

    Are there anymore people out there that live in texas?
  14. NTRA08

    Speedo drive gear

    I have 1990 supra turbo with an auto trans and the speedometer doesn't work. The speedo cable is fine and so is the gauge. My question is: Will a speedo drive gear from a r154 work in the automatic trans? And how do you replace it?
  15. NTRA08

    NO BOOST after swap

    I just finished putting my motor from my 87 in my 91. The motor ran fine in the 87 but now when I try to boost it cuts out. I used the wiring harness from the 91, ECU, and all the sensors for the 91. I installed the HKS F-CON in the 91 with the right wiring harness and a HKS FCD type-k...
  16. NTRA08

    fuel cut

    I recently started having problems with my car again. I go to boost hard and the car kinda shuts down. then the check engine light comes on. I checked my codes and it say 34 and 43. I have a HKS FCD type-k. And the f-con fuel management system. How could it be fuel cut? Maybe I have a...
  17. NTRA08

    Reverse Lights

    About 2 years ago I converted my supra to a manual. And I never got around to hooking up the reverse lights. Does anybody know how to hook them up?
  18. NTRA08

    I pray to god its not

    A BHG!!! Okay... My car doesn't overheat with the thermostat out. (obviously) But when I install the thermostat it starts to overheat. But only when I'm driving it. Its fine at idle. The radiator is full with 50/50. I can drive the car and it overheats. Well I figured out that if I get out...
  19. NTRA08

    Who makes this?

    Does anybody know who makes this manifold?
  20. NTRA08

    R154 Transmission

    I took the tranny out of my 1987 supra. It didn't have 1st or 2nd gear. Well i took it apart yesterday and 1st gear shift fork was broken off and 2nd gear shift fork is broken. My question is: does anybody have any r154 tranny parts. Plus I don't know how to tell if the syncros are an good...