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  1. zachm611

    2jzgte swap, vvti or non vvti opinions?

    I've been gone from the forums for a few years now as life happened, birth of my daughter, I joined the Army, bought my first house. So the Supra has been sitting in my dad's barn... Now that my daughter will soon be going to school, the wife will start work soon and I will be back from...
  2. zachm611

    Venting about my neighbors..

    Does anyone else hate there neighbors? Or have neighbors that hate them? So anyways I just got a new tps, I have a FFIM with a fleEbay throttle body. I installed the tps using a multimeter however the car was still having a little issue when cruising it would fluctuate when it gets to 2k rpm...
  3. zachm611

    picked up a dirt cheap supra

    With problems... first it wouldnt start...easy fix just cps wires but some How water is leaking with the oil did a compression test and its even 155-160 across all 6 also one of the intake manifold bolts seemed to be leaking oily coolant onto the intake manifold making a pool. Any ideas...
  4. zachm611

    need a little help please

    Hello its been a while since i came here anyways I finally finished my auto to 5 spd i have a w58 in it now. anyways i bought a reman slave and master cylinder on ebay years ago and if i remember it said it was for all years 7mge(go the time i didnt know there were different parts...
  5. zachm611

    Christmas In May??

    I think so. got my CF stout hood replica in today yay :) please excuse the low quality cell phone pics ninja edit: also excuse the hood not being closed all the way too haha just realized was excited to get it on
  6. zachm611

    my cars electrical issues

    instead of making a bunch of new threads i have a couple issues with my car, cant complain as i only paid 600 bucks for it and it runs great just little things that annoy me.. my o/d light off is blinking and i checked codes and am getting an ect code of 61, speed sensor wire is what it says...
  7. zachm611

    fuel gauge broken?

    hello i havent been here in a while, recently i bought a decent shell for dirt cheap and a 7mgte for cheap as well and just got it running however it looks like the gas gauge is possibly broken or im not sure? lol anyways it looks like it possibly goes down instead of up when i turn the key...
  8. zachm611

    ARP head stud question

    how much shorter are the undercut studs? thanks Zach
  9. zachm611

    thread chaser

    hi, i was just wondering if anyone has a link to a good thread chaser to use before installing head studs. all i can find around town is just a tap and die set. thanks for the help, Zach edit: is this what i am looking for?
  10. zachm611

    what to do with the 82?

    hey everyone i recently picked up an 82 from the junkyard for $600 bucks not running of course. troubleshooted it down to the fuel pump, after getting the fuel pump installed the car had a TERRIBLE knock. took the head off the cams are scored badly i highly doubt anything from it is...
  11. zachm611

    engine block dowel pin size?

    does anyone happen to know the dowel pin size for the block? it seems the machinist i was going to before did not put them back in. my new machinist said all i have to do is get him the size and he'll order them for me for free since he did not catch it was missing them. i just realized the...
  12. zachm611

    oil squirter tq spec?

    hey everyone i just need to know the tq spec for the oil squirters. thanks!
  13. zachm611

    not so bright customers...

    Pic at bottom if dont feel like reading (my grammar sucks..just a warning) I work at walmart in the tire/lube shop. and these 2 customers come in one is some old lady in a clown looking outfit and another is some stinky old man.. and they have some weird beavis and butthead laugh going on. they...
  14. zachm611

    project built 7m - do it right the first time

    THE STORY of how i got my supra...skip towards the bottom for the actual build. Well i finally got around to making a build thread. first of all my car looks like a beater...I dont even have a stereo lol..the engine comes first for my car :] i bought it maybe 2 years ago for 1200 non running...
  15. zachm611

    fedex and dhl wrong house possibly?

    maybe its just wishful thinking? but around a month ago i ordered a driver side mirror from a member here, waited about 2 weeks thinking he might be busy. I pmed the seller and he said it had already been delivered, sure enough it was delivered 3 days after he sent it out..DHL says they left it...
  16. zachm611

    redneck ricer?

    sorry for the crappy camera phone pic. now this is original... a wooden spoiler?? this truck came in the shop today and i laughed my ass off.. there is also one in the rear i didnt get a pic of it though sorry lol just thought it as funny.
  17. zachm611

    Just bought a motorcycle

    I wanted to wait until i got pics but im so excited, i just bought my first motorcycle! its a black with red lettering 2008 kawasaki ninja 500r. i was going to get the ninja 250 at first but then it was sold. later after thinking and dealer confirming, after about 3 months i would want to shoot...
  18. zachm611

    door lock binding up

    as the title says my driver side door lock seems to be binding up or something, when you try to lock it manually on the inside and it moves a little but not enough to lock it....same thing with the key it goes in fine and turns a little but still not enough to actually lock it. would doing the...
  19. zachm611

    head machine work question?

    my machinest called today and said he did a 5 angle valve job on the intake and a 2 angle radius exhaust valve job? is this good?, all i asked for was a 3 angle valve job. his daughter recently had to be medevacd so he has taken a while to get to my stuff so i guess he is doing this to my head...
  20. zachm611

    which vsv is which?

    Hi everyone i bought my supra a while ago and both vsvs were broken at the connection just dangling off the vacuum line so i took them off and just ran a hose to both ends sorta by passing it i guess. I bought a parts car a not too long ago and the harness has a VSV on it but i dont know which...