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  1. soup

    7mgte torque plate cad file

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a cad file and gtol for a 7mgte torque plate? Thanks, Soup
  2. soup

    RPS Cyn-R-G flywheel rebuilt kits

    Can anyone tell me the story on these guys? I can't find them online anymore and vendors aren't very responsive. Thanks.
  3. soup

    Oil smoke issue

    grey smoke? try adjusting your TPS :
  4. soup

    Looking for a Vancouver Machine Shop

    chirp chirp... I have only used Alec's automotive for some cylinder heads. I had a good experience there, but opinions are mixed from some. My suggestion, Chris, is to call up Indy, Forcefed, or RG and ask for recommendations. Welcome to this side of the pond. Toshio
  5. soup

    Vancouver Island Motorsports Resort

    BBOOOOOOOO!!! that group of dealerships includes a VW dealership. I see a lot of their driving events include VWs. I wonder if that's a way in. buy a new volkswagon and take your supra out instead. Dave, When are you guys going to the ridge?
  6. soup

    Vancouver Island Motorsports Resort

    Spring 1016! I hear it’s in Duncan off Tansor Rd. Nothing advertised on the Tilske website though… Phase 1 is 40 acres, and phase 2 is rumored to be 150 acres! hopefully it’s more reasonable than Area27! there's a bit of chatter on Revscene, but...
  7. soup


    I'm hesistant to ask what kind of 'destruction' videos you've been watching... I've gone to the darkside and picked up a gear rod. I even went as deep to start using jensen eggs. buddy at the shop told me they smelled like licorice, but help the shrimp bottle to my nose. I almost puked on...
  8. soup


    what did i miss?
  9. soup

    new to emanage blue what harnesses are needed for 7m. wiring diagram help! the eman modifies the ecu signals, so the base map you're asking about is to set all dials and matrix cells to zero.
  10. soup

    What a dead hole!

    I am calling my car "the bear" now. it sleeps all winter. Is otherwise fat and lazy unless you poke it and tends to forsake other obligations to hang out at rivers.
  11. soup

    What a dead hole!

    anymore out there?
  12. soup

    What a dead hole!

    rev scene?
  13. soup

    What a dead hole!

    It's getting close to time to dust her off again. Anyone running on May 3rd?
  14. soup

    ATTN lower mainland guys

    maybe you should fix the oil burning issue. I had 5mge that smoked like a bastard until i did the valve stem seals. when is it smoking?
  15. soup

    emanage blue question

    Is the Innovative cable a standard usb cable? I'll bet you it will not work. The eman usb cable has a chip in it to translate the code. go on the emanage yahoo group to find the right cable. you can try to email simon at i don't know if he's still supplying these. HTH
  16. soup

    What a dead hole!

    wouldn't know! want to wet a line?
  17. soup

    What a dead hole!

    See you guys at the next street legal? (Sat May 12th)
  18. soup

    Greddy E-01 Unit Update

    Yes. It gives you v.1.12, iirc. v.1.49 should work fine. Mine does. Happy to have helped.
  19. soup

    What a dead hole!

  20. soup

    What a dead hole!

    what the hell did we do now?