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    "safe" numbers for 7M-GTE internals

    So, through much debate and even the sane-ness of my wife on keeping the 7M or doign a JZ, I'm going down the 7M route. About 3 months ago, I spun a bearing in my 7M and now debating on doing a rebuild with stock or forged internals. I'm trying to do pros and cons and wanted to know what are...
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    935 out of business?

    I've been price shopping for parts and other odds and ends for my 1JZ swap and even though there are miced reviews about them, my firend has good experience ordering parts. As I went to look on their website, it's down. Does anyone know that they are actually out of business?
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    New in the Norfolk area

    Hey everyone, moved up here a couple of months ago from Charleston, SC and currently stationed in Norfolk, Va. I have a red 1989 Supra Turbo (spun rod bearing :nono: ) so she won't be on the road for a while, but I'll be building a 7M to throw in her. Looking to hit hopefully 450-500whp
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    Coil over question

    Well, my shock are long blown and I'm finally getting ready to buy coil overs for my 89 Supra turbo and I have a few questions. First question: I've seen them offered for sale and yet have seen a review for MKIII Supra's for the BC BR coil overs amd wondering how good they are on the MKIII (...
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    Cam Angle Sensor Question

    So, I bought my 89 Supra a couple months back and had a couple questions which I got answered quickly on this forum so I have another one. My 89 has had a 7M swapped in and they had to splice the harness in for the motor, as I know these cars had a couple different harnesses. Now my question...
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    My red 89 Supra Turbo build

    So, after wanting a MKIII Supra since my buddy bought a swapped 1JZ car and then even more so with a buddy in college, his Supra, I finally got one back in Feburary. It had been a Georgia/SC car for all its life and had a Canadian 7MGTE swapped into it. The interior is extremely clean, the...
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    Hard to start and keep running

    I got a 89 Supra Turbo with a Canadian 7M-GTE recently, that wasn't running and changed out the fuel pump ( Went to a Walboro 255LPH), fuel filter, the bad gas in the fuel tank, and the spark plugs. She is hard to start, I have to press on the throttle to eventually get her in a self-sustained...
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    89 Supra in SC

    Hey everyone, my name is Zach and my wife recently got a 89 Supra on a trade with a Canadian 7M-GTE swapped into. Currently trying to get it to run, just need to replace a part of the fuel line that was kinked. Currently in the Charleston are for a few more months before getting stationed...