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    Project Ookii Ao: Road to 500whp

    Man..... I been following your videos on YouTube. They are insipirational
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    2JZ/MK3/8.8 8 sec street car build.

    Man I love that tire and rim combo. What sparco seats are those and what how do they feel?
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    Wha do you guy think on these coilovers.

    What do you guys think on these coil overs? Tein Street Advance coilovers for MK3 Supra 86-92 Let me know
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    First car, First Build. 1jz-gte 1990 Supra

    Nice Car! Man keep us updated.
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    James' 89 Supra Turbo

    Hey jame what happened to the mk4
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    Machine shops in the bay area for rebuilding 7mgte bottom end

    Most shops known to the supra community don't work with 7m because it's an old engine and the y don't want to risk it.
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    Somebody's NewRedSupra

    What did you do for the wiring?do you have a couple pictures of the engine bay?Good job!!! It's super clean.
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    1jz swap coming soon

    Can I give you a tip? I would wait until you have all the parts needed for the swap then i would buy the engine,so you can maximize your warranty and not be in a rush to get done.
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    1jz swap coming soon

    Picture would be nice!! and this a 1jz?
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    1jz swap coming soon

    Picture would be nice!! and this a 1jz?
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    1jz swap coming soon

    I went Friday and probably he sold since it was a good deal. I also notice 2jz-vvti a lot cheaper
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    1jz swap coming soon

    Damm that the freaking debate my mind is fighting. I just want to spend money once I already spent money on a stock 7mgte rebuild and it sucked butt.
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    1jz swap coming soon

    i went to DM and they had a clean 2jz for $2500.
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    1jz swap coming soon

    I HAve 4 shop that offer complete JZ close to me. I think I'm going to go with Driftmotion because they have experience and besides selling motor set the actually deal with them all day ,everyday.
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    1jz swap coming soon
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    1jz swap coming soon

    I'm actually doing the same thing and I got my list 1jz and 2jz for dummies stickie. It tell u everything. All I did was printed it out and went on driftmotion to get prices. I think the same challenge I'm going to have is the wiring because you have to take mk3 chasis plugs cut the 7m harness...
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    2015 Projects: completed or in progress

    I started to remove my 7mgte to make room for my 1jz
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    7mgte swap or go NA-T?

    I'll hook you up on good price for everything