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  1. soup

    7mgte torque plate cad file

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a cad file and gtol for a 7mgte torque plate? Thanks, Soup
  2. soup

    RPS Cyn-R-G flywheel rebuilt kits

    Can anyone tell me the story on these guys? I can't find them online anymore and vendors aren't very responsive. Thanks.
  3. soup

    Vancouver Island Motorsports Resort

    Spring 1016! I hear it’s in Duncan off Tansor Rd. Nothing advertised on the Tilske website though… Phase 1 is 40 acres, and phase 2 is rumored to be 150 acres! hopefully it’s more reasonable than Area27! there's a bit of chatter on Revscene, but...
  4. soup

    Greddy E-01 Unit Update

    Hi guys, Since Mohdparts is gone, a lot of emanage support has dissapeared. I'm going to describe how to update your Greddy E01 main unit firmware. This is all described in the emanage yahoo group. I'm just going to walk you though it, because it took me a while to figure it out. I ran...
  5. soup

    Ubcscc auto x. Jan. 22. pitt meadows.

    Hey guys, I just went to my first auto x event this past weekend and had a freaking blast. check out the club website, come out and toss your car around some corners and kill some cones. I personally took out a good half dozen... Something to note is that sound can be an issue... my car is...
  6. soup

    Vancouver: WTB Front Camber Bolts

    Wanted ASAP. I need at least 3 of those bastards. Cutting the rest out tomorrow night. :canada
  7. soup

    FS: Ealge rods + .040" Probe pistons $950 = SOLD

    School's getting in the way of building a motor. So I'm selling my Eagle forged H-beam rods and my .040" oversized Probe forged pistons with Total Seal rings. $950 Canadian for both. SOLD to an American.
  8. soup

    ARP Reciprocating Weight Formula

    I've been wracking my brain for the past two days trying to figure out this damn equation for the reciprocating weight, or oscillating force on the rod bolts: So let's say I use these rough numbers: Piston MASS: 310grams = 0.7lbs Rod MASS: 540grams = 1.2lbs Stroke...
  9. soup

    FS: Black Greddy Profec B II $275 = SOLD!

    Name: Toshio Ouchi Location: Vancouver BC CANADA Contact: PM, or Cell# 778-386-8104 Payment method: Cash or paypal Shipping: Pickup preffered. will ship, FOB. Item FS: Used Greddy Profec B Spec-2 boost controller Price: 275$ CAD Sold for 225$ Canucks are getting first dibs, then it...
  10. soup

    VI 87 maroon hardtop partout

    VI 87T part out. na-t, 5spd swap Hey guys, Local pickups preffered. I will ship small things. This car is in VICTORIA Interior Parts: Interior Door Panels $50 ea Front seats are cloth. $50 ea Center consol $30 no armrest random panels $per part...
  11. soup

    WTB AFM electronics (GVA)

    Looking for working 7mgte electronics asap. Give me (Toshio) a call at 778-994-6318. Thx
  12. soup

    My Carnage

    You might laugh, you might cry...
  13. soup

    cometic HG reuse Q's

    All I want to know is if it is beneficial to anneal their metal headgaskets prior to reuse? And if so, what type of steels they use, what temp, and how long? Cheers. IJ, you're the only one out there that's talked about annealing so I'm hoping you have some constructive imput.
  14. soup

    ground point E

    I found that my ground wire E was cut/torn and I can't find the other half. Anyone know where it connects to? Eg harness, or point on the fuse/relay panel? The wire is cut roughly 3 inches from where it's ground on the body.
  15. soup

    lights surging

    I've recently finished an engine swap and am now having problems with my dash and headlights. They're surging at steady intervals, dim then bright and so forth. I traced the grounds for the headlights and dash iirc to ground D in the driver's side kickpanel below the fusepanel. Anyone else...
  16. soup

    Cheap aftermarket seats

    A local shop that has started up is doing a GB on some cheap racing seats w/sliders. If anyone is interested go to... The owner's name is Richey, great guy to deal with.
  17. soup

    Solid motor mount concerns

    Hello all, I will be making much more power than stock and was planning on replacing my stock 89+ style mounts with solid ones similar to the ones at AAP etc... A friend seems to think that running two solid motormounts on the 7M is a pile of garbage. According to him the main reason to...
  18. soup

    FS 604 7m-gte

    MODS: delete please Ok. The ball needs to start rolling. I need you to need my engine! I have a complete 7m-gte for sale with manifolds, turbo, intercooler, alt, p/s, thermostat housing, i/c piping... NO engine harness. The engine has 207k km or 130k miles. The turbo smokes more than...
  19. soup

    Ebay Turbo Kit

    Shoot me if this is a repost, but I haven't found any info on it. In my random browsing of Ebay goods I came across the turbo and intercooler kits by Stone Mountain Racing and XS Power sold by SSautochrome...