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  1. suprasom

    7m dry sump

    This is something to consider in future for my build
  2. suprasom

    Anybody know if this guys is still alive ?

    Anybody know if this guys is still alive ?
  3. suprasom

    COLUMBUS, OH Area - Phillips Racing Engines in Grove City, OH

    We have our motors built by Philips, Mike is great guy ..he know his stuff, I don't go anywhere else .. If you do go there watch out for that big Horse dog at the front.
  4. suprasom

    I'm from Ohio...Oh and I own a mk3 Supra...hope you like pictures

    Welcome. I 'm in columbus too, we have four Mk3s that are under transformation right now. Hopefull they will be out this year to play. I think i saw your car at sawmill meet few months ago.
  5. suprasom

    speedparty 2012 mk3 supra 200+mph!

    R154 tranny 200+mph impressive
  6. suprasom

    New CEA Billet 6266 and 6766 on a 7m

    Update !
  7. suprasom

    New dyno Videos 562WHP

    very impressive
  8. suprasom

    Two 700hp cars (Turbo Supra vs Procharged Camaro) race on the highway

    does anybody know the specs on that car
  9. suprasom

    Dragster just explodes! Why?

    Knowing what those engines are capable of i would at least wear safety glasses when working on them like that. I hope the old man in the first video is okey
  10. suprasom

    New from Ohio!!!!

  11. suprasom

    stand alone ecu

    In for more Info
  12. suprasom

    MK2+7M+v160+5.29 final drive

    interested In 7M+V160 if people would get back to the topic..
  13. suprasom

    The new build! Ultimate 10 second street car!

    Great build, this build motivates me to finish my project
  14. suprasom

    '87 Drag Car 7M awesomeness

    7M Beast
  15. suprasom

    Going for big hp!!!

    It can be done, if you know what you are doing ....
  16. suprasom

    Sup niggaz!

  17. suprasom

    Disappointment at Sac Raceways! Pics included.

    This might help
  18. suprasom

    TX2k11 MKIII action.