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  1. plaaya69

    Tein Flex Z Coilovers for 1989 Supra

    No problem. No modifications needed at all, these drop right in as if they were factory shocks. Since these are adjustable, I still put my rear speaker covers on but I do not use that 1 Phillips bolt so I can remove them easily to make adjustments. You also can use the TEIN EDFC (Electronic...
  2. plaaya69

    Charlie, PA. 88 Targa, 7mgte

    Welcome Charlie, nice Supra. I hope you share your rebuild progress with us along the way.
  3. plaaya69

    Tein Flex Z Coilovers for 1989 Supra

    I installed these last year and I have no complaints. I like all the adjustments you get and how everything dropped right in for a easy replacement. I originally had those H&R lowering springs on TEMS shocks but I did not like how low the Supra was sitting especially with some of the holes in...
  4. plaaya69

    Two Supras Obtained Today.

    Normally I would but I am going to be looking for another MK3 Supra in the near future and I want to keep the other one as a spare. I would try and call different junkyards listed that have Supra parts. I would also post a WTB thread and someone might be parting out their Supra here.
  5. plaaya69

    Two Supras Obtained Today.

    That plastic piece is one of my top 5 parts I look for when I find a Supra in the junkyard. It sure does help that rubber hood seal better against water when installed and does make a difference to help keep your battery terminals more protected and dry. You can only imagine all the battery...
  6. plaaya69

    Another 7M ground up build

    It would be very nice to connect low impedance injectors directly but when I researched it before you need to add the proper resistance or controller for these injectors. This step alone adds a +1 point for going with high z injectors.
  7. plaaya69

    Another 7M ground up build

    No problem. On the low independence fuel injectors; if you go sequential injection and add 3 separate channels for the fuel injectors, just make sure you wire those added 3 injectors to the resistor box. On the wiring: 12v+ goes to the resistor box, then from the resistor box it goes to the fuel...
  8. plaaya69

    Two Supras Obtained Today.

    I would go for it and try to rebuild it especially if you plan on staying around stock power levels. I learned on a 7mGTE and with all the information out here today, loan a tool services at your local auto parts stores and some of your spare time, it can turn out great in the end. If you do the...
  9. plaaya69

    My Bad Experience With Rockauto

    Just be careful because Amazon has knock-offs too which I have encountered twice with a micro SD card and a Denso cabin air filter. Not every item comes directly from Amazon and most will be sold from a 3rd party seller fulfilled by Amazon at their warehouse or shipped directly from the 3rd...
  10. plaaya69

    monroe hatch supports?

    Can't really beat $25 a side shipped with the needed brackets. The only thing I would recommend changing is the 4 metal screws it comes with and use 4 button head stainless steel ones just so it will not make a rusty mess later on...
  11. plaaya69

    A70 new model preview

    Amazing find. I hope more people share older videos like this if they come across any.
  12. plaaya69

    Another 7M ground up build

    The is300 coils found on the vvti 2jzGE can be a alternative. I actually bought 3 new of those Denso ignition coils, 3 NGK spark plug wires as well as made a small harness for the engine harness to connect it all to but I switched back to the 7mGTE coils since those worked very good. If you plan...
  13. plaaya69

    Another 7M ground up build

    The problem with the factory engine harness is that 3 set's of injectors are paired in 2's together in the engine wiring harness loom. You would have to add 3 separate wires for each injector and then run the 3 wires that will already be in the engine harness for sequential injection. On a side...
  14. plaaya69

    Another 7M ground up build

    You can leave them in place and connected which wont hurt anything but we need all the weight reduction we can get ;) You can also buy block off plates like for the cold start injector and if you wanted tap a 1/4" vacuum port to it that can be used for the fuel pressure regulator, BOV or to the...
  15. plaaya69

    Help! Supra doesn't run right

    I really like the mechanical clutch fan also. I have been running one from a 4.3L V6 Tacoma in the Supra and the coolant temps are very steady with a digital temp gauge installed. I also run a Mishimoto radiator like you have which helps out too.
  16. plaaya69

    Another 7M ground up build

    I would first start with what sensors/fail safes you would like to add and then make a list of features you would want such as if you wanted sequential fuel injection, the ignition coil set up, if you want to use the factory CPS or hall effect sensors, Bosch knock sensors or factory knock...
  17. plaaya69

    another mk3 junkie

    Welcome and nice mk3 Supra. I really hope Larry at SP gets his white mk3 Supra going but when I was there last he said he can't since he works on everyone's else's Supra's /projects and his car comes last.
  18. plaaya69

    Exhaust options - anything with two tailpipes like stock?

    I wanted to add some pictures from post #7of the OBX muffler with a 3" inlet I have used for the last 10 years:
  19. plaaya69

    How to Fix Climate Controls for 1989+ MK3 Supra

    Great write up sinistar. I would also add if you are this far in to inspect the 2 plastic white slide bars with notches that slides behind those metal retainer plates. I had to clean the groves and modify each grove lightly so the buttons click easier and stay in place once pressed.
  20. plaaya69

    Stabilus Lift-O-Mat SG329001 Review (Driftmotion Hood Strut)

    I bought these rear struts and they came with both brackets. These work amazing with the spoiler installed too and keep that in mind because some rear struts might be weaker if you choose the non-spoiler model. What I also like with these is that they have a slow soft cushion open during the...