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  1. drewgo

    Project 2.5GT!

    Clint! What's up dude... Jeez it's been a long time I don't hear from you man... Super nice work you are doing... Looks incredible. Subscribed!
  2. drewgo

    Single Turbo Manifolds

    After twisting my arm for a long time I finally gave in and sold my very last 1jz Manifold to my buddy a couple months ago.I had this thing stashed away in a vault somewhere and Now he is going a different route....FML! So if anyone wants it PM me and I'll forward you his info or vice versa...
  3. drewgo

    Single Turbo Manifolds

    Matt, Contact Tres. He is in Supraforms and in Clublexus. He is changing up his set up and has one of my manifold. Hurry though!
  4. drewgo

    EMS 8860 Static Timing..

    I asked Aaron and he told me the same. I will test it but something tells me mine will end up at 6deg.....LOL... Let's see how the car will run.
  5. drewgo

    EMS 8860 Static Timing..

    Anyone.....???? Gas Mileage suck too.... but working on getting better..
  6. drewgo

    EMS 8860 Static Timing..

    Searched and search and don't find... I got a nice tune on my 2j but still breaking my head trying to figure out the purpose of the "Static Timing" under the "Trims" tab. I am running 85lbs low imp. injectors..... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. drewgo

    XTD Clutch scam!

    You reap what you sow...Period!
  8. drewgo

    Megasquirt + 1JZ + LS1 Coils

    We are running MS down here in South Florida. We did 603rwhp on a 1jz with a Billet6265 Turbo, so it's definitely proven it's worth. So far so good. The person doing it is Jordan goes by Shaodome in Clublexus. He's got year of experience with MS
  9. drewgo

    can safc do 780cc injectors,

    My Fuel pressure is set to 45psi. I am pulling 46 at idle and gradually goes up to -30 at 6000rpm. My low position trottle is at 25% and hi at 60% <--some ppl have it different but this has worked for me for the past 4yrs. At hi throttle, It waivers from -30 to -10 in the 3500 to 5500 range...
  10. drewgo

    can safc do 780cc injectors,

    Yes, i am running 820cc. my idle is fine. Even with Cams. I do have to pull 46% fuel at idle but it was able to and runs just fine.
  11. drewgo

    AEM FIC.... 1jz Soarer

    Jose(Soapra), This question is mainly for you since you've had success with the FIC. At first it started fine with the FIC. I was pulling out of my driveway to head to the dyno and it stalled and car just died. I plugged up the jumper cable and it ran fine. Got on the dyno, plugged up the FIC...
  12. drewgo

    Little video of my 1J powered Nissan...

    Just waiting for you to join my friend, then we'll set it off... LOL The car got too much crank pressure and started to work against the turbo. .68 back housing got restrictive at that level. So a bigger BH will do and connect his breather to the Turbo intake to suck out any crank pressure...
  13. drewgo

    Little video of my 1J powered Nissan...

    Was a 98':slap: I got cho'bak Ni !
  14. drewgo

    so the swap begins (2jz-gte)

    Here I am...Front and center..LOL PM me
  15. drewgo

    1jz's vid Call out

    Sup ma' brother? how the car running? did you get it tuned yet? Yep! Pm me if you have questions.
  16. drewgo

    1jz's vid Call out

    The manifold has alot to do with the sound. here is mine, sound very similar to Clint's car:
  17. drewgo


    Guys, my boy down here has a very good and clean 3.73 LSD. We all know it can take a beating and excellent for 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear pulls. Pm me and i'll forward you in his info.
  18. drewgo

    Andy, Call me when you get a minute...

    Andy, Call me when you get a minute...
  19. drewgo

    master power t-70

    I get them directly from the distributor down here in South Florida. The owner's name is Mike (Mike's Turbo). Alot of us use them. I've used them and they are in my opinion the best bang for your buck. Also they are robust turbos so they'll last as long as top name brands. I put together a...
  20. drewgo

    1jz's vid Call out

    running .68 I recommend trying the .96 it's not really that much of a difference and your topend will be out of control. Trust me!