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  1. Raven97990

    NASCAR testing.

    Anyone follow NASCAR? I've been watching all the testing from today. The changes on the cars is making for an exciting Daytona. Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  2. Raven97990

    HKS Beginners guide to tuning Make sure to read about the turbo charging! Love the HKS explanations.
  3. Raven97990

    A340e Hybrid transmission signal questions

    I am currently building a Hybrid A340e, and my ECU requires a input of 12 pulses per output shaft revolution- but I am using the MK III tail housing and sensor for ABS function, which outputs 36 pulses before revolution. Is the speed signal from the cluster to the ecu 12 pulses per output...
  4. Raven97990

    Dies once hot, will not restart until cold

    1989 Toyota Supra 5 speed, has JDM engine swapped using US intake manifolds and other US related electronics and emissions components. The vehicle is otherwise completely stock(even running a OEM paper filter! and OEM exhaust) When driving, or idling, after 20-25 minutes, the vehicle looses...
  5. Raven97990

    State of the Union drinking game

    Borrowed from another forum, and this was somewhat political in nature so I stuck it here, feel free to put it wherever you want. (I am taking it as political Satire, as his speeches are regurgitated) Take a shot if Obama says any of the following: 1. "let me be clear" 2. "make no mistake" 3...
  6. Raven97990

    Value of a built block

    I've reached a cross road. I can not build the 7mgte to the level I want. I also refuse to cut corners. That leaves me with my block that I built a few years ago to move on with to allow me to get the new project engine for the shell so I can enjoy the car again. I know my cost of building...
  7. Raven97990

    91 Supra with Ignition breakup AEM and HKS DLI

    I am a bit stumped at this point. I've read and reread everything I could find on the topic. The Car 1991 Toyota Supra 7mgte 5 speed Mods Garrett 60-1 To4e turbo RC 550cc injectors(just flow checked) Walboro pump Aeromotive FPR set to 41 with line off AEM with wideband sensor...
  8. Raven97990

    Dr. Horrible, and other great movies

    One of the greatest movies of all time. If you don't enjoy this movie, I question your taste. Now, what movie should I watch on your recommendation?
  9. Raven97990

    Chuck Norris

    Wants to be my friend, and not yours. Proof? Check out my myspace page, huflungpu
  10. Raven97990

    Norris shows the shocker

    And fanny packs are cool again.
  11. Raven97990

    New turbo, I was owned by Fedex

    I think this is the appropiate thread. Lesson one, always ship a turbo with a exhaust housing on it... because no matter what precautions you take, some low paid jackass at fed ex will damage it. I got my t-61 with water cooled jackets in, very stoke, untill I look close at the box, it...
  12. Raven97990

    Some specs on my buildup... feedback requested

    Here is my short list, Im still making the larger list... any thoughts of what I should get in the areas I am still shopping for? Ross pistons 20 over eagle rods 6m crank severly knife edged*several pounds of weight removed* Extensive head work Cams-still shopping Valves-Still...
  13. Raven97990

    Another "Post your favorite picture of my car"

    I was missing my car, during its eternal buildup, and found this pic, I really like it, so here.. now post your favorite picture of your own car.