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    what up

    what is goin on, why cant I get deleted???
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    What up

    Fuck you SUPRACENTRAL!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Something needs to change about this site.

    I have been on here for a couple years now, and this is one of the worst forums I have ever been a part of beside Everytime I try and post a car for sale I get an infraction for a B.S. rule and then when I fix the post and repost it, I get another infraction for posting the same...
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    I love quinn

    I drive a scooter and Im gay lovers with Quinn. (why you should never leave your screen name logged in.)
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    fuel pressure

    I just put in a walbro 255 fuel pump and a Aeromotive fuel pressure regulater and I need to know what psi my fuel should be set at with the vacuum line off?? I still have stock injectors, afm, and turbo.
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    I am putting in some prosport gauges and I have to wire them up to the ACC and Parking lamp. So where are the wires to these and what color are the wires?? If you have an answer please PM me and dont reply to this thread. Thanks.