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  1. Raven97990

    HKS T3G Twin Turbo Kit on Craigslist Houston

    Thanks for the heads up, I've been looking for them for a while. Look forward to getting them onto the TTR.
  2. Raven97990

    Your job title!!!

    Facility/Shop/Operations Manager, Lead Technician, Shop Sales manager.. etc etc. I do everything.
  3. Raven97990

    Oil squirter bolt breakage

    2JZ bolts are 6mm thread, those are what, 10mm thread? Substantially different in torque requirements, and in design. 7M is a banjo bolt style, JZ engines are a totally different design and the only thing the bolt does is hold the squirter in place.
  4. Raven97990

    Oil squirter bolt breakage

    Dont lube the threads. Only lube the threads if it specifically calls for it otherwise you're over torquing them. Also why ARP provides 2 specs, using their lube and using 30wt oil. When torquing under 15 ftlbs I generally prefer a 1/4 torque wrench as it has greater range.
  5. Raven97990

    Euro Mirror Repair Adventure/Frustration

    Where are the replacement covers for the JDM mirrors? I've done some looking but not too deep yet. Need a set for mine.
  6. Raven97990

    A1Cardone "Rebuilt" Steering Rack - A public service announcement.

    Detroit Axle seems to produce some quality remans. I got one for my GS400 and it was done very nicely, packaged well, return slip included.
  7. Raven97990

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    For the 91 TTR- I just got to drive mine. Been so insane I haven't had a chance to take it out, so I guess I put gas in it. For the 89 we got the TH400 in, getting ready to drop it back into the car to fab up the new trans cross member, and then get started on the exhaust manifold I'm doing for...
  8. Raven97990

    Cube Short Shifter Install/Review + 10% Coupon Code (video)

    You are missing a gasket between the shifter housing the shifter. 33584-22020 Is the Toyota number. I ordered one, for $142 shipped to the US it's worth trying, I'm not a fan of short shifters on the R154.
  9. Raven97990

    JZ Engine Swap Costs Estimates and differences!

    VVTI 2JZGE is not a good NA-T platform, as they got smaller rods. 2JZGTE VVTI is solid and what I am using. Its much simpler to run a nonVVTI as most people are not familiar with tuning them, but you loose a fair bit of spool.
  10. Raven97990

    2jz-gte need help identifying hose

    Goes to the heater core- It is a coolant hose.
  11. Raven97990

    Anyone in the area good with R154s?!

    The pin is supposed to go in up and down like stock. I'm going to be building a full box with all the upgrades this coming week, so I could take a look and see if anything else makes sense. But flip the pin so it goes in like factory (up and down) and then slide the washer in. Its purpose is...
  12. Raven97990

    Anyone in the area good with R154s?!

    The Marlin Crawler washer should have came with its own new pin. When you put the bearing plate on is when things lock up? Make sure the second thrust washer is sitting over the ball correctly, it almost lines up but will bind/fracture if not set correctly. The new hubs are a design change...
  13. Raven97990

    What did you do to your supra today? Pics

    Past two weeks I've spent $5500 ordering parts, fitting the 6 speed and cutting up the tunnel. Hammer beating just won't cut it, going to do it proper and build new floor pans.
  14. Raven97990

    My first build thread. (beware, picture heavy...)

    The writing on your belt is backwords! That always bugs me. What issues are you having with the R154? Just not much gearbox rebuilding experience? They've become a 2 hour process for me, but I've also done a ton. If you don't have it, I have .pdf copies of the repair manuals. Factory disc and...
  15. Raven97990

    Shop that can re-cover my dash in GA

    Tim's Auto upholstery, in Gainesville and Duluth. Not cheap but they do our $10k GTR interiors and they look flawless.
  16. Raven97990

    r154 pops out in gears 1-3

    If it keeps popping out of gears, 98% chance you broke the first gear thrust washer.
  17. Raven97990

    Official CD009 to Mkiii group buy

    Did I miss an estimated price? My reading comprehension could be failing me.
  18. Raven97990

    NWS: Presenting the Fleshlipad

    no it is a real product .... sadly. Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
  19. Raven97990

    Boost Logic T4 Manifold

    Is that borg warner one with a exhaust housing similar to a precision? If so it "MIGHT" work. And if you are getting it cheap enough, there is always the buy to reflip- I got a RPS at such a deal I tried to make it work, when ti didnt, I resold for $400 profit.
  20. Raven97990

    Boost Logic T4 Manifold

    I honestly can't remember. If I was smart I could have taken pictures. I just happened to have three of those kits going on customer cars so I thought I'd try them out. It wasn't so severe it couldn't be made to work with a bfh (big fucking hammer) but I try to avoid that route. Sent from my...